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There is not a simple answer for this. You must know how unlevel the floor is and the amount needing to be filled. Generally the bucket will give you a general idea, but buy more then what you think you'll need. Usually you can return the rest.

If you need to level a large area, buy in a powder. It will be a lot less money and actually less mess in the end.

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Q: How much area does a 1 gallon bucket of floor leveler cover?
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What is the consistancy of floor leveler need to be?

for floor leveler to work properly and effectively it should be a little thinner than paint when you are stirring it. this will let it flow to the low spots needed to cover the floor properly. floor leveler's are quick drying and shouldn't be kept waiting to pour, as soon as you mix it up pour it or you will waste it.

How much water do you put into a bucket to mop a floor?

._. dappenz on how mch the area of the floor is realy i would put about a gallon if i were mopping my kitchen.

Can you install tile directly on top of cured floor leveler?


How many square feet does one gallon of floor stain cover?

600 sq ft

How do you level a floor before installing ceramic tile?

Pour floor leveler (you can buy it at HD or Lowe's) The floor leveler mixes like thin set, but finds its own level with the help of gravity. It works well on a concrete slab that's not level as well as plywood subfloors.

What should you use to seal your kitchen flagstone floor before levelling it with levelling compound?

Strip any wax off, rinse well & go to leveling. The leveler may require a latex precoat to help the leveler adhere, but it is not a sealer & will be specified by the leveler maker. Use the one they suggest or you will have no warranty.

A painter needs to paint a circular floor that is 24 yards in diameters A gallon of paint covers 59 square yards How many gallons of paint are needed to cover the floor?

7.7 gallons.

What is a sentence using the word bucket?

He tripped over the bucket while mopping the floor. The old well used a rusted bucket to bring up water.

How many tiles needed to cover the floor?

The amount of tiles needed to cover a floor will depend on the size of the floor.

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How do you use hcl for floor cleaning?

HCL is very harmful acid then other acids but it is very effective cleaning agent especially for floor cleaning purposes. You can clean your floor with HCL by using these methods: Put on acid resistant gloves, splash guard goggles or face shield, respirator, vinyl coveralls and rubber boots. Moisten the floor to be cleaned. Spray water to soak all grass and plants within 20 feet of the area of the floor to be cleaned. Pour one gallon of water into a 5-gallon plastic bucket. Add 12 ounces, 1 1/2 cups, of hydrochloric acid to the water. The ratio is 10 parts water to 1 part acid. Be sure to put the water in the bucket before adding the acid. Stir the acid water mixture with the long--handle scrub brush. Scrub the wall, sidewalk or patio with the acid mix the scrub brush holds. Do not pour acid mix on the floor surface. Leave on for no more than 10 minutes. Rinse the area with running water. Pour one gallon of water into a 2 gallon bucket and add 8 ounces, one cup, of ammonia. Spray or brush the ammonia mix liberally over the cleaned surface and immediate surroundings. Neutralize the remaining acid mix. Add another gallon of water to the 5-gallon plastic bucket of acid mix. Pour in baking soda while slowly adding another gallon of water. Continue to add baking soda and water until the fizzing stops. The neutralized mixture can be disposed of in a sink or storm drain.

How do you pick up water after spilling a bucket full on the floor?

right click, right triger, or tap on it with an empty bucket in hand