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You will need 200 cubic feet.

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2017-09-26 10:42:03
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Q: How much asphalt do I need for 600 Square feet that is 4 inches thick?
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How many square feet of asphalt does a ton cover at three inches thick cover at3 inches thick?

You have not said what substance you are using a ton of to cover the asphalt.

How many square feet in a ton of asphalt?

The amount of square feet in a ton of asphalt will depend on the thickness of the asphalt. If the asphalt is three inches thick it will have to cover the area three times. The type of asphalt used is also a factor towards weight.

How many tons of asphalt is needed to cover up 200 square feet and 3 inches thick?

36 tonnes

How many square feet does 1 ton of asphalt cover at 2 inches?

As a rule of thumb, 0.112 tons of asphalt (2" thick) will cover 1 square yard or 9 square feet. Thus 1 tone of asphalt (2" thick) will cover 8.93 square yards or 80.36 square feet. ------------------------------- Another (possibly more accurate) way of doing this is to use standards 1 ton [long, UK] = 2240 pounds Density of compacted Asphalt = 147 pounds per cubic foot (1728 cubic inches) 12 inches times 12 inches times 2 inches = 288 cubic inches Thus the weight of 288 cubic inches of compacted asphalt will be (288/1728)* 147 = 24.5 pounds. Therefore a tone of asphalt will cover 2240/24.5 = 91.43 square feet to a depth of 2 inches.

What is the dimensions of a yard of mulch?

36x36x36 inches or 3x3x3 feet or 27 cubic feet. If applied a foot thick, it will cover 27 square feet; 6 inches thick = 54 square feet (e.g.: an area 9 feet by 6 feet); 3 inches thick = 81 square feet (e.g.: an area 9 feet by 9 feet).

How many square feet are in a forty yard container?

One yard will cover 81 square feet 4 inches thick, So 81x40=3,240 square feet if spread 4 inches thick. 36/4=9, 9x3x3=81, 81x40=3,240 If you want it 6 inches thick 36/6=6, 6x3x3=54, So one yard will cover 54 square feet 6 inches thick, And 54x40=2,160 square feet If spread 6 inches thick! Now this is spreading it on thick/DEEP!

What area will 1 ton of crushed concrete cover?

It depends on the thickness and the density. One ton should be about 15 cubic feet when compacted, so it would cover 30 square feet 6 inches thick or 45 square feet 4 inches thick or 60 square feet 3 inches thick. It would make a driveway four inches thick, 9 feet wide and 5 feet long or a footpath 3 inches thick, three feet wide and 20 feet long.

17 inches by 34 inches 2.5 inches thick how many square feet is this?

You have given three dimensions; square feet has only two dimensions. Do you mean cubic feet?

What is the formula to figure up how much asphalt you will need for an area of 27707 sq feet at 3 thick?

the formula for figuring out asphalt is.. L x W x D x 110 / 9 / 2000 = tons of asphalt. Where: L = Length in feet W = Width in feet D = Depth in inches 110 = a average weight of a square foot asphalt 1 inch thick /9 = convert to square yards /2000 = convert weight to tons So.. 27707 x 3 x 110 / 9 / 2000 = 508 tons.

How many square feet will a yard of dirt cover at 8 inches thick?

One "yard" of dirt (meaning one cubic yard) contains 46,656 cubic inches. Spread 8 inches thick this will cover 5832 square inches or 40.5 square feet.

How many square feet will 1 yard of top soil cover at 2 inches thick?

1 yard topsoil covers 100 square feet to 3 inches, 200 square feet to 1.5 inches and 300 square feet to 1 inch.

How many yards are in 70 square feet by 4 inches deep?

One cubic yard covers 81 square feet 4 inches thick.

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