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one twelfth (1/12)

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Q: How much bigger is three quarters than two thirds?
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How much greater is three quarters of twelve than two thirds of twelve?

One. As three quarters of twelve is 9, and two thirds of twelve is 8. :-)

What fraction is bigger a third or 2 thirds?

Two thirds is twice as much as one third.

How much is three-quarters?


How much is three quarters of a hour?

An hour is 60 minutes, there are 4 quarters in an hour. Therefore three quarters of a hour is 45 minutes.

How much is three quarters of 100?


How much is three thirds of 5000?

Three thirds is equal to a whole. Therefore, 3/3 x 5000 = 5000.

How much bigger is two thirds to eight tenths?

Eight tenths simplified is 4/5ths. When both are converted into percentages, 4/5ths is obviously bigger. Two thirds is not bigger than eight tenths.

Are two thirds and three fourths the same?

no two thirds is much smaller on a fraction table

How much is two thirds a cup plus one third a cup?

Three thirds of a cup

How much is 12 quarters?

Twelve quarters equals three 'wholes', or three units, or three dollars if you are talking about US currency.

How much is 750 kg?

Three quarters of a tonne.

How much is three-quarters of a liter?

That is 3.3 cups

How much is three quarters of five ounces?

3¾ oz

How much butter is in three quarters of a stick?

6 Tablespoons

How much is three quarters of ten pounds?

7.5 pounds

I charge 75.00 an hour-I was only there three quarters of an hour-how much Do i charge for the three quarters of an hour?

3/4 of 75.00 = 56.25

How much is 9 and 3 quarters divided by 2 thirds?

9 and 3/4 divided by 2/3 equals 14.625

How much is 1 million quarters?

1 quarter = one quarter of a dollar . . 3 quarters = three quarters of a dollar . . 1 million quarters = a quarter of a million dollars.

How much of a percentage is three quarters?

3/4 as a percentage is 75% because think of 4 quarters 3 of 4 quarters is 75 cents

How much diesel is used on the planet everyday?

Three quarters of a hectare.

How much is three quarters of a dozen?

9 .75 x 12

How much is won for winning Wimbledon?

three quarters of a million pounds

How much 2 and three quarters of a kg is how many grams?

it is 9094

How much is three quarters cup 18 times?

13.5 cups.

How much is double one half of three quarters?