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We live in an apartment and the owners raise (or try to raise) our rent anywhere from $35 - $65 a month every year. We live in PA. I've found that you can negotiate with the landlord. I've asked if they only raise it *** (always lower then they wanted) we'll sign a two year lease. I've never had them turn us down.

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Q: How much can a landlord raise your rent at one time?
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How much can lot rent be raised at one time?

Legally, in the United States, lot rent can only be raised by $200.00 at one time. However, there is no limit as to how much a landlord can raise rent per year.

How many times can a landlord raise the rent in a one year lease for a townhouse with a signed one year lease?

Your landlord cannot raise the rent within the time periods that a lease is in effect. This means, that if there is a lease in effect for one year, then the landlord may not raise the rent while that lease is in effect.

What percent can a landlord raise the rent in CT?

I'm not sure about Connecticut law, but I don't know of a state that has a limit on how much the rent can be raised. The landlord has to give proper notice - which would be one full rental period - so the tenant has time to leave if they don't want to pay the new rent. But, once they've done that, they can raise the rent as much as they want.

How much can your landlord raise the rent all at once to a new tenant?

It depends on your lease. If you don't have a lease, the rent can be raised at any time by any amount. If you do have a lease, check the lease. If their are limits raising the rent in the lease, then you can bring that to your landlord's attention. If they raise your rate more than what's in the lease, then you can sue them in order to get them to comply with the lease. If there are no limits identified in the lease, then the rent can be raised at any time by any amount.

Can your landlord raise your rent if you're on workman'scompensation?

More than likely yes. It all depend on the contract / renter agreement you signed. If the contract reads that the landlord can raise the rent at any given time then yes.If the contract reads the landlord can raise rent at the end of a lease term (for example 6 months.) then also yes.Unless the agreement states the landlord cannot raise rent 1. during a lease period, or 2. at all then he can raise it regardless of your income situation.You may try and talk to your landlord and explain the situation and they might have some compassion for your situation.

Can your landlord rise your rent because he is installing meters in your building?

The landlord can raise the rent any time they desire, for any reason, given proper notice. They can't do so, however, during the term of a lease.

Can a landlord post a rent increase to a tenant who is in legal for eviction?

Landlord and tenant laws vary from state to state. Generally, if the lease has expired or one does not exist, a landlord may raise rent. If they are evicting the tenant for lack of rent payment or another violation of the lease, raising the rent at that time more than likely can be fought. A judge would consider that retaliation and would not award a landlord the excess to support a rate increase.

How long by law does a landlord after 15 days late on rent does a landlord have to give you to get rent paid before the can ask you to move?

A landlord can, at any time, initiate eviction proceedings against the tenant if he fails to pay his rent on time. Normally the landlord does this after the fifth day of default.

Can you sue a property manager if he does not collect rent?

Generally there is no point in suing a property manager for not collecting rent. It should be noted that the tenant is responsible for paying his rent on time. It is not the responsibility for the landlord to collect the rent. If the landlord does not collect rent and the tenant should send it to the landlord by mail or in person.

What if landlord does not claim rent as income and threatens to keep raising rent?

Whether the landlord tells the IRS about his rental income really has nothing to do with the tenant. Although, I suppose any tax-paying citizen has the right to report a cheater. In a month-to-month tenancy, the landlord can raise the rent any time, he just has to give a full rental period notice. So, if the rent is due on the first, and he gives notice October 13, the new rent kicks in December 1. That gives the tenant time to decide if he is going to move, or pay the new rent.

Can landlord take out rent early?

I don't think so. Most of the time; they state when rent is due on the contract that both you and the landlord has signed. Check your contract, lease.

What can I do if I have paid my half of rent on time but my cosigner hasn't and my landlord has refused to accept my half and is now threatening to evict us?

You can pay the rent in full and then it is up to you to collect the half from your cosigner or get evicted. Your landlord didn't rent you your half for half the rent. The landlord rented bouth of you the whole space for the whole amount.

Can a landlord charge you rent at the same time he charges another tenant for the same dwelling?

Yes: as long a you are a tenant in a dwelling at the hands of a landlord, you are renting from him and must pay rent.

Can landlord take partial rent and then charge late fees?

Most likely, yes. If you don't pay your rent on time, and the lease states that a late fee can be charged, the landlord may charge it notwithstanding partial payment of the rent.

Can a landlord raise rent without notice?

If it's a month-to-month tenancy then the landlord must give you at least a month's notice BEFORE the next rent is due, before he can increase it. If the rent term is week to week, then at least a week's notice is given BEFORE the next rent is due. Now, if the term is a defined term on a lease, then the rent increase cannot take effect before the lease expires by which time a minimum of 30-day notice must be given.

Can a landlord legally kick us out for not paying rent on time in the winter?


If I paid my rent on time the landlord claims it is not received and does not offer rent payment receipts what can I do?

In court, the tenant is on the losing end of this argument.The only thing that you can do is secretly record yourself requesting receipts from the landlord for a specific time period and record him refusing to give you the receipt.This is your proof that the landlord collects your rent but that he does no give you receipts.When a judge sees the video or hears the recording your landlord is screwed.Be slick - your landlord is.

Does all rentals require leases?

Not all rentals require leases. It is very possible to be renting on a month-to-month basis. The downside to this is that your landlord can raise your rent at any time or evict you whenever they want.

Is a person in abandonment if they are arrested and can the landlord keep their possessions?

The landlord is required to make reasonable attempts to notify the former tenant that he must remove his possessions. How long the landlord must wait before he disposes of the items depends on how much time the tenant has paid rent for. The time also depends on the jurisdiction.

When can a landlord collect first and last month's rent after a security deposit has been given?

First month's rent is collected right before you move in. The landlord can collect last month's rent any time after this, but both of you need to make an agreement to this beforehand.

Can landlord prorate rent after moved out but still spending time cleaning?

Yes, the landlord can charge a prorated rent until you, your belongings, and cleaning supplies are physically out of the apartment and you've returned the key.

Can a landlord purposely avoid taking rent money in an attempt to evict the renter on grounds of not paying rent?

Not if the rent is being paid on time. But landlords can try. If this happens then the tenant will need to pay the rent to the Clerk of Court or prothontary's registry. He can then explain to the judge and probably win. Now, if the rent is not paid on time and the landlord charges late fees, then the landlord has the right to refuse to take the payment if the late fee is not included in the payment, provided it says on the lease that the late fees become part of the rent for which no partial payment is accepted.

Can your landlord evict you if you are behind 2 months rent and have always been late for the past 3 years?

A landlord may legally evict any time you are late with the rent. Even if you are just one day late one time.

You rent your house with a verbal agreement from your landlord and have a house guest for some time is it legal for the landlord to over double the rent and consider this double occupancy?

yes they can but make sure to ask the landlord first so you get no surprizes it also depends on how long that person has stayed over

What do you do when you have a lease and paying your rent but the landlord doesn't pay the mortgage?

Nothing. Just keep paying your rent. The landlord's relationship with his bank has nothing to do with you. And, if he does get foreclosed, federal law gives you lots of time before the bank can move you out.

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