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Your answer is 108 square ft of carpet.

9ft * 12ft = 108 sq ft

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Q: How much carpet for a 9 x 12 room?
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How much will it cost to carpet a room that measure 12 by 9 feet if the installed carpet cost 12 per square yard?


How much carpet in square yards is needed to carpet a room that is 9 feet long and 9 wide?


How much carpet do you need for a 12 x 12 room?

Well a square yard is 3x3=9 and 12x12=144 so 144 divided by 9=?

If a carpet costs 60 per sq ft And the room is 9 ft X 12 in?

12 in = 1 ft Area of the room is 9 x 1 = 9 square feet. Cost of carpet is 9 x 60 = 540 .

How many square yards of carpet is needed for a 12 by 15 foot room?

A 12 by 15 room: 12 x 15 = 180 180 divided by 9 = 20 (one yard is 9 square feet) So, depending on the room, you might need 20 to 21 yards of carpet for a 12 by 15 room. John

How much carpet is square yards is needed to carpet a room that is 12 feet wide and 20 feet long?

12 * 20 = 240ft squared divide 240 by a square yard = 9 240/9 = 26.6repeating yards square

How much carpet would you need for a room that is 4.5 by 4.0?

9 square metres

I have 812 sq ft room how much yards of carpet?

812 / 9 = 90.22...

If carpet is sold in square yards how much do you need to carpet a 9 feet long by 12 feet wide room?

A yard is 3 feet so your room is 3 by 4 yards which is 12 sq yards. However, most carpet comes in widths of 13 feet so you may have to pay for 9 feet by 13 feet - as your supplier when getting a quote.

How much carpet in square feet is needed to carpet a room that is 9 feet two inches long and seventeen feet three inches wide?

Assuming the carpet comes in 12 ft wide you need 207 square feet.

How much carpet in square feet is needed to carpet a room 10 feet long 9 feet wide?

90 feet squared of carpet is needed.

You put carpet in a room that 33 square feet how much carpet do you need?

There are 9 sq ft of carpet in 1 sq yd so... 33/9 = 3.67 sq yds

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