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You would need 20 square yards of carpet which is 180 square feet.

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Q: How much carpet to cover a 12 feet x 15 feet floor?
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How much carpet is needed to cover the floor of a room that has dimensions of 12 ft by 24 ft?

It needs: 12*24 = 288 square feet

Is feet and square feet the same?

No. "Feet" tells you a length or distance, like the length of a rope, or the distance from home to school. "Square feet" tells you an area, like how much carpet you need to cover a floor, or how much land you own.

How much carpet can 7.2 mllion square feet cover?

7.2 million square feet.

Is it area or perimeter to find how much carpet you need to cover the floor?

Niether; It's surface area.

How many square feet equal 1 cubic foot?

There are no square feet in any cubic feet. Those two units are used for completely different things, and they don't convert to each other. "Square feet" tells you how much carpet you'd need to cover the floor of a room. "Cubic feet" tells you how much water you'd need to fill the room, floor to ceiling.

How much does Rome's Colosseum's interior cover?

If you mean the floor of the Colosseum, it was 287 feet long and 180 feet wide.

How much carpet is needed to carpet 7200 square feet?

You need 7200 square feet of carpet in this case.

How much carpet in square feet is needed to carpet a room 10 feet long 9 feet wide?

90 feet squared of carpet is needed.

Why would the number of square feet in a room has to be important to you?

Knowing that information is the only accurate way to determine . . . -- the cost to repair or replace the floor -- how much carpet needed to cover the floor -- what size rug required for the floor -- how much paint to buy, to paint the ceiling and/or any walls in the room -- how much seed and fertilizer required to start a lawn in the room

You have 133.33 yards of carpet how many square feet will that cover?

To know how much square feet this will cover, We need the info about what the perimeter of the carpet is first, otherwise this question cannot be answered. (If you do not have a defined perimeter, equal length and width would make the most area.)

Why does the carpet feel warmer than the floor?

Because the carpet is an insulator while the floor kind of isn't. A carpet traps the air particles much better than the floor. So it's that.

Would you need to use area or volume to find the amount of carpet for your floor?

If your floor is a simple rectangle, you would multiply length times width and get the area. That's how much carpet is needed to cover it. Make sure that you have your measurements converted to just feet when you multiply them. For example, if it is 10 feet, 8 inches long, that would be 10 8/12 feet long. If your floor is not just a simple rectangle, divide a diagram of it up into simple rectangles (or other polygons) that you can find the area of, and then add all of their areas together.

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