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50 - 33 = 17

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Q: How much change do you get from 50p after spending 17p and 16p?
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How much change from a fifty after spending 17p and 16 p?

50−(17+16) = 17p

What is the change from GBP 1 after spending 19p and 17p?

The change is 64 p.

Which three coins are given in change from 1 pound after spending 83p?

17p = 2p + 5p + 10p

How many change from a fifty after spending 17p and 16p?

You seem to be unaware of the fact that you could have obtained the answer much more easily and quickly by using the calculator that comes as part of your computer. The answer is 49.67p but if you need to ask this question, chances are that you've been ripped off and got a lot less.

How much does the talking clock cost?


What is 17p plus 17q plus p-7q-6p simplified?

17p+17q+p-7q-6p = 12p+17q

What is the price of a freddo?

17p in Essex

What is the property of chorine?

17p 18n

What is the cost of 8 pencils at 2 for 17p?

2 are 17p, and 8 is 4 * 2, so 4 * 17 = 68p for 8 pencils.

How much is a freddo chocolate bar at tescos?

As of 24th February 2013, freddo chocolate bars cost 17p.

How much does it cost to have a shower for 3 minutes?

It appears from the internet that a 10 min shower = 50p. therefore 17p

What is 17p as a fraction of a pound?

Seventeen one-hundredths or 0.17

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17p and 18n or 20n

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An isotope with 15 protons and 17 neutrons will have which symbol?

17P 15

How much energy is used to bake a regular cake in the oven?

27p....based on an hours baking, in a commercial oven, if you pay 17p for a Kw hour, at 160 degrees!

What fraction of a 1 is 17p?


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people basically pay there taxes by there weekly wages also every pond you spend 17p is towards taxes

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The price of Albino power varies depending on the quality of Albino, for example if they are very sporty and live a very healthy lifestyle the powder usually costs between 12p-17p per tonne. But if they are very unhealthy the powder has magical qualities and costs £100-£200 per gram.

How many protons and electrons are in the nucleus of a chlorine atom?

A single chlorine atom has 17p+ (Protons) and 17e- (Electrons). Chlorine will form a 171- anion by gaining one electron, completing the valence shell as an octet.

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the best locus for a gene on the short arm of chromsome 17 in the region of 4 on bands 1-22 would be the following?a. 17q41-22 b. 4q 17 1-22c.4p 17 1-22 d. 17p 4 1-22. Thank you

What are combinations to make 37 cents?

Let:P = penniesN = nickelsD = dimesQ = quartersThen your possible combinations are1Q + 1D + 2P1Q + 2N + 2P1Q + 1N + 7P1Q + 12P3D + 1N + 2P3D + 7P2D + 3N + 2P2D + 2N + 7P2D + 1N + 12P2D + 17P1D + 5N + 2P1D + 4N + 7P1D + 3N + 12P1D + 2N + 17P1D + 1N + 22P1D + 27P7N + 2P6N + 7P5N + 12P4N + 17P3N + 22P2N + 27P1N + 32P37PGiving you a grand total of 24 combinations.

What was the reaction to the television in the early stages?

Well they only had 240p, and in very very very early stages 17p, But it was mainly thought as good, some people thought it could see into your home and send it to the broadcasters, so CBC or whoever could see into your home. Of course this is a bunch of mumbo jumbo and in the late 30s when 10 inch TVs were big, people didn't know what the heck a cathode ray tube was and sometimes even thought it was some sort of magic. But real magic is FRIENDSHIP! HA!

Can you make 17 from 3 coins?

It depends upon the currency:You cannot make 17 (US) cents ($0.17) - the closest you can make is 16 cents with a dime, nickel, and a penny;You can make 17 (Euro) cents (0.17€) by using one each of 10, 5 and 2 cent coins;You can make 17p (£0.17) by using one each of 10p, 5p and 2p coins.

How to simplify -3p to the 3rd power plus 5p plus -2p to the 2nd power plus -4 minus - 12p plus 5 minus -8p to the 3rd power.?

Assuming this is your original formula: -3p3+ 5p + -2p2 + -4 - -12p + 5 - -8p3You combine like terms, where the p exponent is the same, to produce:5p3 - 2p2 + 17p + 1

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