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Approx 10.3 US gallons.

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Q: How much concrete does it take to fill 6 inch diameter pipe seven foot long?
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How many cubic yards of concrete to fill a 4 foot tube?

We need to know the dimensions of the tube. The diameter AND the length of the tube. It takes o.465 yards per foot of length for a tube 4 feet in diameter. .

How much sand do you need to fill an area 16 foot diameter circle?

As you did not specify a depth, I can not provide an answer.

How much water to fill a container 3 feet high by 1 foot diameter?

2.356 Gallons

How much concrete to fill hole 6 ft x 10in?

A hole with two dimensions has no third dimension. → its volume is 6 ft × 10 in × 0 ft = 0 ft³ → You require NO concrete to fill a hole which is given as an area as it has NO volume.

How much sand do you need to fill a circle with a 19 foot diameter and 14 inches high?

330.78 ft3

What is the weight of concrete pipe?

6,000 pounds per lineal foot as you never gave the diameter of the pipe thus I picked one for you

How many gallons of water does it take to fill an 18 foot round and 4 foot deep swimming pool?

Use this formula: Diameter x Diameter x Average Depth x 5.9 = Total Gallons

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A linear foot is the same as a foot. So, an 18-foot diameter circle would measure 18 linear feet in diameter!

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