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1 foot by 36 sq feet = 36 cubic feet of dirt is needed

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Q: How much dirt is needed to fill 36 sq foot box 12 inches deep?
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How much dirt is needed to fill a hole 12' by 70' that is 4 inches deep?

10-1/2 cubic yards

How much dirt is needed to fill a hole 10' by 13' that is 3' deep?

10*13*3 = 390 cubic inches.

How much dirt is needed to fill a garden box that is 8' x 4' and 24 deep?

2.37 cubic yards of dirt is needed to fill an 8'X4' that is 24" deep garden box. If the box is filled 12 inches, the amount of soil needed is 1.19 cubic yards and that should be deep enough for most vegetables.

How much dirt is needed to fill a hole 3' by 4' that is 3' deep?

36 cubic feet of dirt=)

What is cubic feet of dirt to fill a hole 20 inches deep 40 inches wide 96 inches long?

6,400 ft3

How much dirt is needed to fill a hole 24' by 40' that is 1.5 inches deep?

You need 4.44 cubic yard, they tell you to always round up, 4.5 cubic yards is what you need to get to fill this area.

How many bags of dirt are needed to fill a hole 27 ft long 4 ft wide and 6 inches deep?

You will need 20 cubic yards of dirt, which is 2 loads in a tandem dump truck.

How much dirt is needed to fill a hole 24' by 2' by 10 inches?

hmm that's a tough one maybe 24' by 2' by 10 inches worth of dirt

How much dirt to fill a hole 6 inches deep 18 feet wide?

You'll need to tell me how long it is first.

How many tons of rock is needed to fill a 18 foot wide by 12 inches deep area?


How much dirt to fill hole 16ft square by 6 inches deep?

16 sq ft*0.5 ft = 8 cubic feet.

How many yards of dirt do you need to fill an area that is 16 ft long x 10 feet wide x 2 inches deep?

You need 5 1/3 yards of dirt 10 feet wide and 2 inches deep which is approx 0.99 cubic yards

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