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(2000 sq. ft.) X (1 in.) X (1 ft. / 12 in.) = 167 cu. ft.

(167 cu. ft.) X (1 cu. yd. / 27 cu. ft.) = 6.2 cu. yd.

Full size pickup truck will hold 2 to 3 cu. yd.

Tandem axle box truck will hold 10 cu. yd.

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Q: How much dirt would you need to cover 2000 sq ft 1 inch thick?
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How much surface does a yard of dirt cover that is 2 inches thick?

It will cover 324 sq/ft or 36 sq/yrd at 1" thick It will cover 162 sq/ft or 18 sq/yds at 2" thick It will cover 108 sq/ft or 12 sq/yds at 3" thick It will cover 81 sq/ft or 9 sq/yds at 4" thick.

How big of an area will 1 ton of dirt cover?

it rather depends on how thick a layer you put down.

How many square feet will a yard of dirt cover at 8 inches thick?

One "yard" of dirt (meaning one cubic yard) contains 46,656 cubic inches. Spread 8 inches thick this will cover 5832 square inches or 40.5 square feet.

Does homeowners insurance cover stolen dirt bikes?

You would have to have insurance on the dirt bike.

How big of an area will 1 ton of dirt cover 3 inches thick?

Roughly 12 square yards.

What is grass cover?

dirt. dirt. dirt......... and dirt

How do you clean a dirt cellar floor?

you don't, its dirt, the best you can do is rake it. i would cover it in pea stone

What is the opposite of thick dirt?

The opposite physically would be thin dirt. Dirt does not have an actual opposite.The opposite by words could be "thin water" or "thin air."

How many Yards of dirt do you need to cover 225 square Feet one inch thick?

0.69444 cubic yard (rounded)

At two inches thick how much area will 60 tons of dirt cover?

It will cover 174 square feet of area.Hope this helps

How much does a cubic yard of dirt cover?

It depends on sevaral factors. 1. How thick the dirt is 2. How compact the dirt is. Just a rule of thumb. (per cubic yard) 3 inches deep will cover an area 5.5' x 20' 6 inches deep will cover an area 5.5' x 10' 1' deep with cover an area of about 5.5' x 5'

How many feet will a yard of dirt cover 2 inches thick?

a yard of dirt is 27cubic feet 2" is 1/6' 27cubic ft / 1/6' = 162 square ft unless you meant 2" wide and 2" thick for 972 feet

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