How much do 5mm neo balls cost?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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Q: How much do 5mm neo balls cost?
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Bucky Balls is a brand of magnetic balls and you can purchase some online from Neo Balls, Get Bucky Balls, The-Bucky Balls, Neo Cube and Vat 19. Amazon might have them and other brands, too.

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AnswerIt depends on what you buy.The original is $24.95.The value pack is $28.95,the omega is $89.95.The gold neo cube is $34.95.The mini neo is $12.95,the hyper value pack is $94.95.And the omega double is $159.95. You can find them on WWW.THENEOCUBE.COM.AnswerWAY 2 MUCH MONEY, its pretty much around 80 bucks for tiny magnetic balls.Answer: maybe around $20.00? mine is $19.95

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