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Usually, if you see a bails/bonds man they can reduce the bail to ten percent of whatever the bail/bond may this case it would take 1500 to get whoever out of jail. not 100% but pretty sure

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Q: How much do you pay on 15000 t dollars bail?
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If your bail is 32000 thousand dollars and you have to pay only 30 percent of that how much does that person have to pay?

9,600 Dollars.

How much do you pay bail if its 250000?

If you have bail set at $250k, that's what you need to pay in order to be bailed out.

How much tax will you pay on 15000?

too much

How much exactly did suge knight pay to get 2pac out of jail?

He posted a $1.4 million bail. (Paid $1.4 million dollars)

What is daily pay for someone having grade pay 5400 with pay band 15000 to 30000?

The daily pay for someone having grade pay 5400 is 500 dollars.

Who pays the bail?

If you cannot afford to pay the bail, 99% of the time you can get a bail bondsman. Sometimes, if the bail is not a lot, they won't pay it.

How much bail can you have to pay for receiving stolen property?

This question cannot be answered - your bail amount is set by the judge.

Who decides how much bail a person must pay?

The judge.

How much money does Chris Brown haft to pay to get out of jail?

He had to pay $50,000 [£35,094] bail

If a person has a bail amount of 30 thousand dollars and a bond is 10 percent which is 3 thousand dollars how much does the person paying the bond get back if the acussed is found not guilty?

The person paying the bond does not get anything back. The purpose of paying a bond is so you don't have to come up with the full amount of the bail. The 10% that you pay a bondsman it what he earns for guarnteeing you will appear in court. If you don't appear then the bondsman loses the full amount of the bail.

How much interest pay on a 15000 loan for 5 years at 7 percent?

5 yrs @ 7% = 35% in total. 35% of 15000 = 35 x 150 = 5250

How much do you have to pay on Miley world?

you have to pay 30.00 dollars

What are your options if a car was repossessed and a bill is received 2 years later for 15000 dollars?

2 that you want to consider. PAY it or file B/K.

What is the type of bail where the denfendant deposits a percentage of the bail amount typically 10 percent with the court?

this is called a deposit bail. A bail bond is when you have someone else pay your bail.

If Charges are dropped and bail is exonerated do you have to pay remaining bail to the bailbondsman?

if chages are dropped do need to pay bailbonds still

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Do you have to pay a bail revocation?

You will have to pay the bailbondsman's fee for the use of his services (and money). You DID use his services. The fact that your bail was revoked is not his fault.

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How much do you have to pay on a 1000 bail bond?

How much a person has to pay on a $1,000 bond will depend on what their charges are. Most of the time, for most people, it is 10%. This would be $100.

Do you still have to pay a bail bond that has been exonnerated?

Yes. When you use the services of a bail bondsman you are, in effect, "renting" his services to pay your bond. Whether you are exonerated or not, it is a legitimate debt and you still need to pay the the bail bondsman for the use of his money.

How long is a possession of a controlled substance charge carry out in jail?

They will set a bail amount for you and someone on the outside will have to pay the bail or get a bails bondsman and pay 10 percent of what the judge has set as your bail.

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