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Q: How much does .750 coax cable weight per foot?
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How much does a cable weight?

The weight of a cable can vary depending on its length, thickness, and material. On average, a standard HDMI cable can weigh around 0.2-0.5 pounds per foot.

How much does 1000 feet of RG6 coax cable weigh?

It depends on the quality of the cable (how much copper it has) and the gauge of the wire. The most common type of gauge is 18 AWG. Also, the weight depends on the type of packaging - wooden spools are the most common. An 1000' spool of 18 AWG coax on a wooden spool weighs 38.6 pounds.

How much is a 50 foot cat5 cable?

It depends on brand and how much you buy. Usually a box of good cable is approx 25 cents a foot for 1000 feet

True or False Broadband cable is a symmetrical technology?

False. You probably have figured it out already, but video signal (dubbed CATV or Cable TV) was previously the only thing traveling through the cable coax you use today to transport IP data and video data. As a result, the downlink is going to be much higher than the uplink due to the bandwidth of the signals traveling through the coax. With that in mind, Cable Broadband remains asymmetrical.

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I was just trying to coax the answer out of you. When the engine sputters like that, I try to coax the car along by gently applying pressure to the accelerator.

How much copper in a foot of cat 5 cable?

There is not enough copper in a foot of cat5 cable to make reclaiming it worthwhile. At best, the wire will be no more than 5% copper. Additionally, opening the cable releases fumes that could potentially be toxic.

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Can some antennas be used satisfactorily for transmission as well as for reception?

Yes, but you would need to remove the transformer that is used to match the antenna to the coax cable. This transformer will consume much of the transmitter power if left in the circuit.