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A cubic yard of finely crushed asphalt will weigh about 2,600 pounds

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Q: How much does 1 cubic yard of crushed asphalt weigh?
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How much does 1 cubic meter of asphalt weigh?

1 cubic meter asphalt=how much wieght

How much does a cubic meter of AC 10 asphalt weigh?


How much does one cubic meter of waste weigh?

It depends what the waste is and how densely it is packed. Imagine a cubic meter of un-crushed aluminum cans, and a cubic meter of crushed aluminum cans; Now imagine a cubic meter of newspaper, they would all weigh different amounts.

How much does a cubic yard of crushed limestone weigh?

One cubic yard of broken limestone weighs about 1.3 tons. One cubic yard of pulverized limestone weighs about 1.17 tons.

How much liquid asphalt in a cy of asphalt paving?

Most paving is about 40% asphalt. So about 40% of a cubic yard.

How much does 1 cubic foot of crushed ice weigh?

It depends how small it is crushed and how tightly it's packed. The smaller it's crushed and more tightly it's packed, the heavier it is as there is more ice and less space between the pieces of ice. In the most finely crushed and firmly packed volumes of the frozen stuff, the cubic foot of crushed ice will approach being a solid block. A cubic foot of water weighs about 62.4 pounds. A solid block of ice of the same volume weighs about 57.5 pounds. A cubic foot of "normal" crushed ice might weigh 35 to 45 pound range. And it could weigh more or less.

How much does a cubic yard of limerock weigh?

Depends if it is crushed or boulder size, somewhere in the neighborhood of 3,600lbs. A scientific site may be able clarify this better.

How much does one yard weigh?

It depends on what is being weighed. One cubic yard of cement weighs about 4,000 pounds. One cubic yard of asphalt weighs 2,700 pounds, and one cubic yard of basalt rock weighs about 4,887 pounds.

How much does one squard yard of crushed seashell weigh?

That depends how thick you spread it! It would make more sense to ask about the weight (or mass) per cubic yard, cubic foot, etc.

How much does a cubic ton of water weigh?

a cubic ton

How much does 1 cubic yard of carpeting with padding weigh?

how much does 1 cubic yard of carpeting with padding weigh

How much does a cubic meter of barley weigh?

barley in cubic meter