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It depends on what it consists of. It could vary greatly.

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Q: How much does 753 cubic yards of topsoil weigh?
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How much does 1 cubic yard of topsoil weigh?


How much does one cubic meter of topsoil weigh?


How much does a cubic yard of topsoil weigh?

about 2700 pounds per cubic yard

How much does 3 cubic yards of topsoil with a density of 125 pounds per cubic foot equal to in weight given in tons?

1 cubic yard is 27 cubic feet, so 3 cubic yards is 81 cubic feet. At 125 lb per cubic foot, that much topsoil would weigh 10,125 lb. At 2000 lb per ton, that converts to 5.0625 tons (if we assume complete precision of all the numbers - if not, then we would be limited to 1 digit of precision because the 3 in 3 cubic yards is only precise to 1 digit. In that case we would have to round the answer off to be 5 tons)

How much does 1 truckload of topsoil weigh?

Topsoil is NEVER sold by the "truck-load". Usually in yards or tons, as there are several differant sizes of trucks... A "yard" of dry topsoil should weigh a little less than 1 ton.

How much topsoil will i need to cover 880 square feet?

That depends on the depth of the topsoil you will put down. Multiply the number of square feet by the depth of topsoil--that will give you the number of cubic feet. To convert to cubic yards, divide the number by 27. So, for example, if you are using 3" of topsoil over 880 square feet then your calculation would be: 880 times .25 (3" = .25 feet) = 220 cubic feet (divided by 27--there are 27 cubic feet in a yard) equals 8.15 cubic yards.

How much does 1 cubic yard of top soil weigh?

On one site I found the weight of one cubic yard of topsoil listed as 1,35 US tons

How much money does 1 cubic yard of topsoil cost?

This question has no real answer as it depends where you stay and the availability of top soil. How much is a cubic yard of topsoil in Iceland? How much is a cubic yard of topsoil in the Sahara Desert? How much is a cubic yard of topsoil in Washington DC? etc. etc. Check a local newspaper or nursery/ garden centre

How much does 75 cubic yard of topsoil weigh?

One cu.yd. of soil weighs approximately a ton. so you 75 will be close to 75 tons. I've had it delivered sometimes and a tandem axle dump truck usually brough 15 yards max.

How much topsoil in 1 acre?

(43,560) x (depth of the topsoil in feet) cubic feet

How much topsoil is a pick up load?

In the US, dirt is measured in cubic yards. The average full sized pick up truck can usually hold about 2 to 3 cubic yards of dirt or topsoil. It varies a bit depending on the size of the pick-up and how strong its springs are. If you are having it filled for the first time, take it slow and watch how much the truck drops as it is being loaded.

How much does 30 cubic yards of trash weigh?

To figure out consider this: a dumpster that can enclose 30 cubic yards would have the dimensions approximately of :6feet tall, 22 feet by length and 8 feet wide