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It depends on the length of it.

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Q: How much does a 23 feet piece of roofing tin way?
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do you have tin roofing and what is the price of it?

Tin roofings are sold at Home Depots around the country.

What metal is most often used in roofing?


What is a tin snip?

Tinsnips are a tool for cutting 'tin',as in roofing iron or thin metal sheet.

What are some of the pros and cons of tin roofing?

The pros and the cons of tin roofing weigh each other out. While tin roofing may be more aesthetically pleasing than shingles made out of wood, it does have a propensity towards rust and could cause problems for home-owners down the line.

Which local company would be the best to consult regarding the tin roofing needs for the various small buildings on my land?

There are a number of reputable companies that can offer you assistance in determining your tin roofing needs. I would recommend Metal Roofing Source.

Does copper roofing win the comparison with tin roofing when it concerns the environment?

The comparison from a tin roof to a copper roof, the copper roof is a green material that would certainly last approximately ten times longer than a tin roof that will rust and deteriorate more quickly due to its material density. Copper roofing will beautify your home and protect your roof far longer than a traditional tin roof.

Does tin roofing rust?

Yes, tin will go corrode and go rusty if left to the elements.

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