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55 gallons?

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Q: How much does a 55 Gal. drum of lead shot weigh?
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What instrument are you playing when you perform a rim shot?

Snare drum. You hit the head of the drum and the rim simultaneaously, making a much louder and more pronounced sound.

How much does a man's shot putt weigh?

7.26kg or 16lbs.

How much does a mens shot put weigh?

16 lbs.

How much does the women's shot put weigh for professionals?

12 pounds for olympic standard.

How much does a girl's high school shot weigh?

8.8 pounds / 4 K

How much does a men's shot put weigh in kilograms?


What would be heavier a kettlebell filled with lead shot or steel shot?

Lead shot is heavier

Can the super full choke lead shot only use all kind of lead shot like the nitro and hevi lead or hard lead shot?


How much does a girls middle school shot put weigh?

8 pounds

How much lead shot per 12 gauge shell?

.5 -1.5 oz

Difference between lead shot and chilled lead shot?

Chilled lead shot has less antimony than "magnum lead shot" and therefore is softer than Magnum lead shot. Though I have never noticed a difference between the two, some say the chilled shot doesn't break clay birds as well at the range.

What if choke does not specify steel or lead shot?

use lead only steel chokes are specified on the choke as steel of lead shot