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Well this is unconventional since a football doesn't even weigh a pound, but it would be approximately .42 kgs

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Q: How much does a football weigh in kilograms?
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If you weigh 56 how much do you weigh in kilograms?

If you weigh 56 pounds, you weigh about 25.5 kilograms.

Is a football weigh a kilogram or a gram?

Weight of a football is 14 to 15 ounces or 0.40 to 0.43 kilograms.

If you weigh 180 how much do you weigh in kilograms?

180 pounds = 81.6 kilograms.

If weigh 190lbs how much will you weigh in kilograms?

190 pounds is 86.2 kilograms.

If you weigh 224 how much do you weigh in kilograms?

224 pounds = 101.604691 kilograms

How much does 2 kilograms weigh in kilograms?


How much does a volleyball weigh in kilograms?

0.283495231 kilograms

If I weigh 118 kilograms how much do I weigh in pounds?

118 kilograms = 260.145469 pounds

If you weigh 160 pounds how much do you weigh in kilograms?

160 pounds is 72.5748 kilograms.

If you weigh 145 lbs how much do you weigh in kilograms?

145 pounds = 65.77 kilograms.

If you weigh 215 how much do you weigh in kilograms?

215 pounds equals about 97.5 kilograms.

How much does two kilograms of wool weigh?

two kilograms

If you weigh 34 kilograms how much pounds do you weigh?

34 kilograms = 75 (74.9572) pounds.

If you weigh 122 pounds how much do you weigh in kilograms?

122 pounds is equal to 55.33827 kilograms.

How much does a javelin weigh in kilograms?

0.8 kilograms for men. 0.6 kilograms for women

How much does one carrot weigh in kilograms?

not much

If you weigh 120 pounds how much do you weigh in kilograms?

You weigh about 54.4 kg.

How much would 45 kilograms weigh on the moon?

On Earth's moon, it would weigh 7.4 kilograms.

How much will a 140lb women weigh in kilograms?

140lbs is 63.5 kilograms.

In kilograms how much does a refrigerator weigh?


How much does a watermelon weigh in kilograms?


How much does a schnauzer weigh?


How much does a potato weigh in Kilograms?


How much does Beyonce weigh in kilograms?


How much does a baseball weigh in kilograms?

A. 0.85