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Q: How much does a parallelograms angle add up to?
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What do parallelograms add up to?

Interior angles add up to 360 degrees.

How much angles is there on a parallelograms?

It has 4 interior angles that add up to 360 degrees It has 4 exterior angles that add up to 360 degrees

What is the formula for the perimeter of a parallelograms?

Add up all the sides.

How do you find the missing angle in a parallelogram?

When you add all four sides of a quadrilateral(all parallelograms are quadrilateral), It must equal 360 degrees. So what you do is you add up the three angles that are given, them subtract that sum from 360.

How much suplimentary angle add up to?

A supplementary angle adds up to 90 degrees as a complementary adds up to 180 degrees

What describes the angles of some parallelograms?

In all parallelograms, opposite angles are equal and the 4 interior angles add up to 360 degrees. In someparallelograms, all of the angles are 90 degrees. These parallelograms are rectangles.

Do parallelograms have no congruent angles?

Parallelograms normally have 2 congruent obtuse angles and 2 congruent acute angles that altogether add up to 360 degrees

Do parallelograms egual 360 degrees?

The internal angles of a parallelogram add up to 360 degrees

How much degrees is a right angle triangle?

The angles of a triangle always add up to 180o. A right angle triangle has angle of 90o, 60o, 60o.

A polygon whose angle measurement add up to 360 degrees?

what polygon has angle measures that add up to 360

What does the 1 angle add up to on a right angle?

the inside angle is 90 degrees and the outside angle is 270 degrees. No bend has just 1 angle. Also you cannot add up 1 number.

Does the measures of an exterior angle and the adjacent interior angle add up to a 360 degree?

No because they add up to 180 degrees