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Q: How much does a pe teacher make in California?
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How much does a pe teacher make?

not enough.

How much does a PE teacher make per year?


How much does a teacher make in a year in PE?

around $38,000

How much money does a PE teacher make a month?

Poo tang

In tenneessee how much does a pe teacher make a year?

10 shillings a week

How much can a high school pe teacher make in Virginia?

Over 5 million a year.

How much does a PE teacher get a year?


How much is a pe teacher paid?

a pe teacher gets paid the same amount as a teacher :)

How much money does a pe teacher get a year?

not enough

What does a PE teacher wear?

A PE teacher wears a top and track suite bottoms

How much does it cost for college to become a PE teacher?

7 billion

How much money does a pe teacher earn in the UK?

How much money a PE teacher earns in the UK depends upon qualification, experience and location. The average salary for such a position is 39,003 GBP or 66,786 USD.

What daily tasks do preschool teachers perform?

a teacher has so much to do weather it is a PE teacher a English teacher or a science teacher they all have different jobs

What is a PE teacher?

Physical Education or Gym teacher

How much do you get paid for being a pe teacher?

A PE teacher makes about 35,000 dollars a year. Teachers as a rule are underpaid and this position is often part time or you work long hours as a coach as well.

Who is the fittest teacher in school?

the PE ( physical education ) teacher!

Do you need pe to be a PE teacher?

Study lessons in school and uni to do with the body.

What subjects should you take to become PE teacher?

PE, for a start. Should you go onto further education, study to become a teacher.

Can a pe teacher watch you get changed?

no thats disgusting fire this teacher

How much does a pe teacher earn in Britain?

British PE teachers make a starting wage at approximately £25,000 a year. Experience plays a large role at determining the salary, and head teachers can reach well over six figures.

Can you raise your grade in pe from a c?

It depends on where you are in the year. If you are starting the second semester you could raise it to a high B and possibly an low A. Dress out for PE, TRY to improve you physical fitness, and show the teacher that you are interested in improving you physical fitness. If you are a good student in PE, the teacher will like you very much. (especially because there are not many good students in PE)

How much work experience do you need to do to become a pe teacher?

Pe teacher?? You aim high man! And I don't mean that in a good way.

Pay for a PE teacher?

about 25 grand

Is a pe teacher good pay?

obviously not

Who is the best PE teacher?

Coach Evans