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It can measure anything as long as the sides are all of different length and no angles are equal and the triangle has no lines of symmetry. If u r a member plz leave a note on my message board. Smiley bubble xxx

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Q: How much does a scalene triangle measure?
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How much degrees does a scalene triangle measure?

The sum of the angles of any triangle is 180 degrees.

What is A triangle with angles that measure 103 degrees 52 degrees and 25 degrees?

It is an obtuse scalene triangle.

What is an example of a obtuse triangle and a scalene triangle?

An obtuse triangle is a triangle whos angle measure is greater than 180. The length of the sides of a scalene triangle are all different.

What is the difference between an scalene right triangle and a scalene obtuse triangle?

A scalene triangle is a triangle in which all three sides have different lengths. The difference between a scalene right triangle and a scalene obtuse triangle is that in the first one, we can find the measure length of the third side when we know the lengths of the two other sides, and in the second one we cannot.

Which triangle has two angles that measure 52 and 73 degrees?

Scalene or Acute triangle

What kind of triangle has three angles measure 85 68 and 27?

It is a scalene triangle

How do you draw a right scalene triangle?

A scalene triangle's three sides are all unequal to each other. To draw a scalene triangle, one needs a ruler to measure the lines and make sure that none of the triangle's sides are equal to each other.

How do you measure the perimeter of a scalene triangle?

Measure the length of each side.Add the lenghts together.

A triangle with no congruent side?

................ scalene triangle ................ =)

What kind of triangle has sides that measure 5 6 and 7?

A acute angled scalene triangle.

Can a scalene triangle be a triangle?

Yes, a scalene triangle can be a triangle.

How is a equaliteral triangle different than a scalene triangle?

All three sides (and therefore angles) in an equilateral triangle are the same measure. All three sides (and therefore angles) in a scalene triangle are different.