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A snowflake weighs about 0.02 grams.

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Q: How much does a snow flake weigh?
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How much does a flake bar weigh?

32 grams.

A piece of snow?

snow flake

Snow is to flake as sand is to?

Snow is to flake as sand is to's a comparison of group to singular.

What are other words for snow?

snow flake

Small crystals of snow?

Snow flake!

Small piece of snow?

snow flake (????)

What color is a snow flake?


How many points on a snow flake in trivia?


Rain is to drop as snow is to?


Does each snow flake weight different and why?

because each snowflake contains a tiny city of people called the snow people depending on the size of the snowflake will tell the size of the city the number of its inhabitants in the city will give you how much the snowflake will weigh..jk depends how much ice its made of

How do you spell snow flake in french?

flocon de neige

How much snow leopards weigh?

They weigh 77-120 lbs.

Is there such think as a snow flake Yoshi?


Is a snow flake a liquid or a solid?


What is a particle of snow called?

Usually, a "flake".

How much do snow tigers weigh?

When studying animals it is important to find out how much an animal can weight. A snow tiger can weigh up to 660 pounds.

What symbol is used for precipitation?

A rain drop if it is rain and a snow flake if it is snow.

Sand is to grain as snow is to?

Its Flake. Sand contains grains of sand. Snow contains flakes of snow.

How much does a baby snow leopard weigh at birth?

A snow leopard might weigh one to five or four lbs

How much does a snow monkey weigh?


What is the weight of a snowflake?

the weight of a snow flake is 0.0001

Why is a snowflake called a snowflake?

Because it is a flake of snow

How do you say snow flake in Russian?

CHEZHINKA (çejinka)

What is light as a feather and melts in your hand?

A snow flake.

5 letter word for bit of snow?