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Need to tell whether meters or centimeters or what

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Q: How much does a snowman weigh if his top is 12 for the radius then 18 and finally 24?
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Do objects on other planets weigh the same as they weigh on Earth?

No. Weight is the measure of how much force a planet pulls an object, that force is determined by the planet's mass and radius, and each planet has a different mass and radius.

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How much would you weigh on jupiter compared to earth?

weight on jupiter=((mass of jupiter)*(Radius of earth)2/(mass of earth)*(Radius of jupiter)2)*weight on earth

How do they measure the number of mosquitoes a bat eats?

they weigh a bat then weigh a mosquito and finally you divide abat way the amount a mosquito ways with how much a bat weighs

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If on Earth Sara weighs 100 lbs and she moves to a planet that is 5 times larger in radius but has the same mass as Earth how much would she weigh?

Sara would weigh exactly the same as on Earth. The radius of the planet does not make any difference on ones weight. The mass of the planet is the crucial factor.

What is the increase in gravity if it continues to contract until it is 1 1000 of the original radius?

If the Earth contracted to 1/1000 of its present radius, with all of its mass still packed inside it, then while standing on the surface of the new, smaller Earth, you would weigh 1 million times as much as you weigh now.

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i dont know How much do eggs weigh?How mHow much do eggs weigh?uch do eggs weigh?How much do eggs weigh?How much dHHow much do eggs weigh?ow much do eggs weigh?o eggs weigh?How much do eggs weigh?

How much is radius squared?

It depends on the value of the radius.

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How much would a 100 lb person weigh on a planet twice the mass of earth?

That would depend on the planet's radius. The strength of gravity depends on both the mass of the object in question and the distance from its center of mass. If the planet in question had the same radius as Earth, then the person would weigh 200 lbs as gravity would be twice as strong. If the planet had the same density as Earth it would have 1.26 times Earth's radius and gravity would be 1.26 times as strong and the person would weigh 126 lbs. If the planet had about 1.41 times Earth's radius then that person's would weight 100 lbs.