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i dunno the exact amount other window cleaners earn as it all depends how much effort they are prepared to put into it. window cleaning is like any business in that they have out goings before they make a profit, the days of just buying a ladder and an old cloth and you are up in running are long gone, as today the professional window cleaners invest in safer ways to clean windows, ie the latest safest way to clean windows is WFP which stands for water fed pole, the equipment to buy can run into thousands if you go mainstream (wfp suppliers) or hundreds if you go DIY, each being way too expensive for the traditional dole cheat/beer money window cleaner that most people conjure up in their minds, which by the way are on their way out due to thorough checks by the dss and the inland revenue, also in Scotland by the licensing authorities.

so now to the answer to your question.......IF you are prepared to work hard as an individual you should be able to hit a minimum of £ 20 per hour, however i know window cleaners who earn as much as £ 50 per hour which when you take into consideration the 20% servicable outlays works out at £ 40 quid an hour, not too bad for a humble window cleaner.

now if you are a window cleaning company cleaning outlets of tesco asda etc? will of course need staff to handle the workload, your money in these cases is made in the hourly rate per window cleaner is nowhere near the above mentioned sum, its probably only going to be a percentage above the national minimum or could be the national minimum wage, and i know of window cleaning companies who charge the clients the national min + 10 percent per window cleaner, which does not sound like a well thought out business, however when you consider they are doing hundreds of jobs per week its not hard to work out how much profit can be made.

the simple answer is a window cleaner working for himself should be earning at least £ 20 quid per all depends how many hours he is prepared to work though.

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Q: How much does a window cleaner earn in an hour?
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