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If a square foot is 9 then a square meter will be 9*10.9 = 98.1

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Q: How much does it cost per square meters to rebuild a factory in Birmingham?
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What is the size of Birmingham in square miles?

The size of Birmingham is 151.9 square miles.

How much does it cost to rent a factory?

the rent a factory as you can imagine will be alot of money averaging between £4000-£5000 a month. Commercial buildings such as this are rented by area, usually in square feet or square meters.

12 square meters x 12 square meters equals how many square meters?

144 square meters

What is the formula for square meters?

meters times meters = square meters

150 square feet converted in square meters?

About 14 square meters. (13.935456 square meters)

What is 1500 Square feet in meters?

139.426 square meters.

What is 3ft by 3ft in square meters?

About 0.84 square meters (0.83612736 square meters)

What is 718 square feet into square meters?

718 square feet = about 66.7 square meters. (66.7043827 square meters)

What is meters x 5.6 meters in square meters?

24.08 square meters.

What is 3 meters by 8 meters in square meters?

24 square meters

What is 413 meters in square meters?

If 413 meters is a side length of a square, then the area is 170569 square meters. Otherwise a length in meters cannot be converted to an area in square meters.

18 square meters divided into 25 square meters?