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5 cents (very expencive)

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Q: How much does one metric ton of D2 diesel cost?
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How many barrels of diesel in one metric ton?

About 8.5 barrels of diesel fuel will make up one metric ton. One barrel makes up approximately 0.1172 metric tons.

What is the price of one metric ton of diesel?

what is the platt price for the D2 now

How much is a used 60K diesel generator worth?

The value of a 60 kW diesel generator will depend on the brand and also the condition. The generator in fair condition may cost around $4000. A new one will cost about $11,000.

What is the cost for one gallon of diesel fuel?

It is about $3.10/gallon.

Metric tons means how much kilograms?

One metric ton is 1000kg

How much does one liter of diesel fuel weigh?

Diesel fuel weighs about 7.1 pounds per gallon, so a liter, of which there are 3.8 in a gallon, would weigh about 1.9 pounds.---Since a litre (liter) is a metric measure, best to keep the whole answer in metric, don't you think?A litre (liter) of diesel fuel weighs 832grams, or 0.832kg..8 kgms/ ltr depending on fuel densityDiesel has a density of around 900gl-1, at about 20oC, so one litre of diesel would weigh about 0.9kg.

How much does a silent diesel generator usually cost to buy?

A silent diesel generator usually costs around $1300.00. The highest price for one can be found at $5809.06, while the lowest can be found for $1378.00.

How much does 1 gallon diesel weigh?

about 8lbs, per one gallon of diesel.

How much does one gallon of diesel?

23.56 for one gallon

What is the cost of one metric ton of jet fuel?

As of June 13, 2014, the cost for one metric tone of jet fuel is $976.90. This is down from March 7, 2012 when the price was $1079.75 per tone.

How much is 1 yard in metric units?

one yard is in metric: 0.0009144km 0.9144m 91.44cm

How much kilogram in one metric ton?


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