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Amazon has this product listed at $289.99 there may be cheaper alternatives available. However, I would recommend looking around for used equipment prior to purchasing new.

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Q: How much does the total gym 1500 cost?
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How much does a total gym 1700 cost?

A total gym 1700 is a pretty expensive item. A total gym 1700 will cost you anywhere from 300 dollars to as high as 500 dollars depending on where you are buying.

Approximately how much does a Total Gym Platinum cost?

The Total Gym Platinum costs $299 and is available from QVC. The price includes The Total Gym Platinum Plus with 8 attachments and 4 DVDS. It is available to purchase through QVCs easy pay scheme, where you pay 4 monthly installments of $60.

How much does all-stars cost?

Usually it costs from 800-1500 a year, but it could be more or less, it depends which gym you sign up for

What was the price of total gym model 1000 in 1974?

what was the cost of total gym in 1974 when it was invented

Is the total gym 1500 a desirable product?

I don't think the Total Gym 1500 is a desirable product. There are several newer models of this product being sold now. Also when assessing auction sites there are several being sold and no bidders.

Are total gym exercise machines expensive?

The cost of a total gym exercise machine can vary quite a bit depending on what features you are looking for. You can buy a Total Gym 1100 for about $220 or a Total Gym XLS for $675.

How much does the total gym cost?

It depends upon the Total Gym model purchased. Retail prices start around $300 and can run upwards of $2000. Used models can be purchased for significantly less.

How much should it cost for gym construction?

The cost of a gym construction would depend on how large a gym you want. There are too many variables.

How much does it cost to get a bigger butt?

As much as a gym membership does...

What is the cost of personal trainer in Chennai?

How much does a gym membership cost in Chennai?

What is the best cost effective home exercise equipment?

The most cost effective and work out effective exercise equipment that you can purchase for use in your home is the Total gym. The total gym has everything you need and it is small and affordable.

How much does entry to World Gym cost?

approximately $90.00