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6 kg

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Q: How much does the world cup trophy weigh round to the nearest whole number?
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A bucket of water weighs about 8.2 pounds. If you ROUND to the nearest whole number before multiplying about how much do 3.9 buckets of water weigh?

32 pounds

How much does a trophy truck weigh?

Trophy trucks typically weigh between 5,500 and 7,000 lbs.

A bag of kale chip weigh 5.336 ounces. round the weight of the bag to the nearest of an ounce?

The correct answer is 5.3 ounces. Step-by-step explanation: When you are rounding to the nearest 10th it means that you are rounding to one decimal place. When doing this you will keep the first number after the decimal point if the second number is less than 5. You will round up to the next number when the second number is 5 or more. Since the number is 5.336, rounded to the nearest 10th is 5.3.

How do you measure 10oz mini marshmallows?

weigh one marshmallow then multiply then round to the nearest whole marshmallow.

How much does the world series trophy weigh?

Weight of baseball world seres trophy

How much does the 30-06 round weigh?

That depends on how many grains the round is. If you find the number of grains and do this math you can get the number of ounces. Number of Grains = Y Y x 64.79 _________ = ounces 28349.5231

How much does the current world cup trophy weigh?

6 Kilograms

Can a post office scale be used to weigh trophy fish?

It is not likely because most trophy fish can weigh several hundred pounds and most post offices scales max out at a mucher lower weight. Typically hanging scales are used for large trophy fish.

How much in weight does the world cup trophy weigh?

1 billion tons

How much does the World Cup Trophy weigh?

4.5kgThe WC trophy is 6175 grams in weight and is made up of solid 18- carat Gold.

How much does the national championship trophy weigh for college football?

it weighs three pounds

How much does the Heisman Trophy weigh?

The trophy is made out of cast bronze, is 13.5 inches (34.3 cm) tall and weighs 25 pounds (11.3 kg).

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