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1000 sq ft should do it

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Q: How much drywall is needed for 1000 sq ft?
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What is cost to tear out 1000 sq ft of wet drywall?

how much will it cost to rip out 1300 sq ft of drywall and insulation and replace said

How much drywall is needed to cover 400 sq ft?

12.5 regular sized sheets will do it.

How much sq ft does a 8X4 drywall sheet cover?


How much air volume is needed to float 1000 pounds?

To determine the volume of air needed to float an object, you need to know the density of air and the weight of the object. For example, if the density of air is approximately 0.075 lb/ft³, then to float a 1000-pound object, you would need approximately 13,333.33 ft³ of air (1000 lb / 0.075 lb/ft³ = 13,333.33 ft³).

How much does a 1000 ft roll of quarter inch wire cost?

You will have to be much more specific to get an answer. Your description fits many items. -Wire gauge and metal at least is needed.

Grass seed is applied to the rate of 5 pounds per 1000 sq ft each bag of grass seed weighs 10 pounds how much is that?

If 5 lb of grass seed is needed to treat 1000 sq ft then 10 lb of grass seed will treat 2000 sq ft.

How much gravel is needed to cover 3000 square feet in 4 inch deep?

3000 sq ft * 4 inches = 1000 cubic feet.

How much is a 1000 yards?

3000 ft.

How much does 1000 ft of Velcro cost?

It de

How many pounds of 21-0-0 is needed to supply the recommended rate of 30lb per 1000sq ft on a 400sq ft plot?

divide by 10 multiply by 4 = 12 lbs Divide 30lb by 1000 sq ft to find how much to use per foot, then multiply by 400 to find how much you will need for 400 sq ft: 30/1000 = .03 lb per sq ft x 400 = 12 lbs for 400 ft.

How much carpet is needed for a 15 ft by 21 ft room?

315 ft^2

How much is a 6 ft high X5000 ft long wood fence cost?