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Depends of what you mean by electricity. The 350 Watts says for each hour you have the light on you consume 350 Watt Hours of electricity. This is how you are charged by the Electric Company. Depending on where you live you may pay about 12 cents per 1,000 Watt hours or 1 Kilowatt hour. So your bulb costs about 4 cents per hour in electricity. To compute the current you need to know the voltage. Watts = Current x Volts.

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Q: How much electricity does a 350 watt metal halide light use?
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How much electricity does a 100 watt Metal Halide light use?

It uses 100 watts, which means that it takes ten hours to use up 1 kilowatt-hour.

How does a metal halide ballast work?

A metal halide ballast works just by transforming the line voltage into much more useful voltage to the metal halide, and by regulating the current so that the bulb will have its useful life at the most.

How much electricity does a 1000 watt metal halide light use?

A 1000W metal halide lamp ballast uses about 8% of the lamp's wattage, meaning that a 1000W lamp actually consumes 1080 watts, or 1.08 kilowatts. STEP ONE - TAKE HOURS USED AND MULTIPLY BY 1.08 kW STEP TWO - TAKE THAT AND MULTIPLY IT BY COST OF ELECTRICITY, WHICH FOR RESIDENTIAL IN 2008 IS AROUND 11 CENTS/kWH (10 CENTS COMMERCIAL RATES)

How much does it cost a month to run metal halide lights for fish tanks?

100 rupees

Can you use a 400W high pressure sodium ballast with a 400W metal halide bulb?

I actually have a 400w hps ballast and I can also use my 400w metal halide bulb in it with no problem. So what your saying is they do, but they dont? the answer is, they dont. You can get universal bulbs hps to plug into a mh ballast they have a miniturized igniter inside the bulb. As I understand it, a 400W metal halide bulb can be used with a 400W hps ballast, but not the converse. A MH bulb has the igniter in the bulb, and the HPS has it in the ballast--which pretty much goes along with your comment above. Apparently the double presence of the igniter in the HPS setup is can run metal halide in same wattage's but not hps in metal halide can run such as (same wattage's)250 watt metal halide-400 watt halide ect in hps systems but not hps bulbs in halide systems. they make conversion bulbs to run halide in hps as well and vice versa.

How much percent of the worlds electricity is from light bulbs?

None. Light bulbs use electricity, they do not create electricity.

How much electricity can metal conduct?

It depends on the type of metal. The ability of a metal to conduct electricity is one trait that identifies a metal. For example, copper can conduct electricity very well (better than most metals).

Why do incandescent light bulbs waste a lot of electricity?

Because they give off much of their energy as heat due to how the metal filament works

How is an x-ray film produced?

X ray film was produced much like the film for visible light. Silver halide suspensions were spread on the backing material.

Why is metal not a good insulator of electricity?

It's easy, Metal is a conductor, the opposite of insulator that's why it'll conduct electricity much better so that's why metal is NOT a good insulator

How much energy is used by metal halide lamps?

Metal halide lamps use 75 to 100 lumens per watt. These lamps take several minutes to warm up, so they are typically not used in houses. You may find some used in streetlamps and floodlights in outdoor sports arenas.

How many leds and watts to replace a 250 watt metal halide?

It depends. The Wattage ratings do not indicate how bright any type of bulb is, just what its power consumption is. In general LED lamps put out more light for the power used than metal halide bulbs, but there is no standard as to how much more. Most lamps indicate their candlepower or 'candela' ratings on the package, and the vary by type of bulb and manufacturer. The 'candela' is the SI base unit of luminous intensity.

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