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Q: How much food can a 5.5 chest freezer hold?
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What are some of the pros and cons for chest versus upright freezers?

The pros of a chest freezer is that it can store more food in it. However, the con is that takes up more room than an upright freezer. A con of an upright freezer is that it doesn't have as much space as a chest freezer.

What is a chest freezer?

It it similar to the freezer on a fridge in that it is usually used to store food. However, it is different in that it is usually much larger, and operates at a lower temperature, so as to store food longer.

Do chest freezers hold more food than an upright?

Chest freezers for hold more then an upright freezer. The space in an upright freezer is significantly smaller than that of a chest freezer since an Upright freezer is both a fridge and a freezer.

Why is it not vital to keep the lid of a chest freezer closed?

Any freezer needs to be kept closed as much as possible if you wish for it to remain cold. However a chest freezer will not warm up as fast as an upright freezer. This is because the cold air in the freezer is heavier than the air outside of the freezer. When you open an upright freezer the cold air "falls" out, this can't happen with a chest freezer.

How much does an average Montgomery ward chest freezer weight?

242 pounds

How much meat will a 14.8 cubic foot chest freezer hold?

The answer is that for every cubic foot you can store 30 - 32 pounds of meat. Therefore the answer is 444 lbs to 473.6 lbs

When wrapping food for storage is it better to exclude as much air as possible?

When wrapping food for storage it is vital to exclude as much air as possible. This is especially important when wrapping food for freezing. You can wrap in a freezer bag and use a straw to suck out the air, then over-wrap in two layers of freezer bags, each individually fastened with a bread tag. This helps prevent freezer-burn, which is death to food. For refrigerating, put anything from lettuce to cooked meat into a freezer bag and hold it against your chest, twisting to expel the air. Fasten with that helpful bread tag and store appropriately. For example, lettuce should be stored on its stem end, and trimmed of deteriorating leave regularly.

Chest freezer has a very cold and discolored spot on the outside of the freezer about 6 inches in diameter Is the freezer about to go out?

while a chest freezer is the most ideal way of freezing foods because cold air drops ,the evaporator coils run in the lining of the chest a cold spot on the outside of the freezer could be caused by a void in the insulation(due to a previous repair) a discoloration about 6"in diameter sounds like it could be heat buildup from the compressor which on some models is 6' IN DIAMETER but to have a discoloration and a cold spot in the same place knocks these theories out of the box if they are in the same place. as far as the freezer being on its way out there is no way to tell. i always tell people to put as much food in a freezer as they can afford to lose because other things could cause food loss eg. blackout, storms, young children leaving lid up and food piled up preventing lid to seal.

Finding Freezers?

Preserving your food for later consumption. That is the main reason for needing a freezer. Home freezers come in two basic versions - the upright and the chest. Choosing between an upright freezer or a chest freezer is not always an easy decision. There are advantages and disadvantages to both types. Among the considerations are capacity, price, efficiency and available space. There are features like self-defrost and some models have drawers and shelves. The upright version of a freezer stands upright like a refrigerator. It usually does not take up as much space as a chest freezer and it can include an icemaker and separate compartments for storing your food. Energy costs can be significant, so try to choose a model with a high efficiency rating. You may need an additional electrical outlet to accomodate the freezer’s electric cord. Overall, this type of freezer is a good choice for someone who finds they need a little extra space to keep their frozen foods. The chest freezer is the more rugged of the two types of freezers. Basically, it is an insulated box with a hinged lid. There are no frills, just a cold empty box. The advantage to this type of unit is that you can store just about anything in it. Maybe you have a 25 pound turkey your saving for Thanksgiving. You can buy a side of beef and fit it in a chest freezer. Food frozen inside a chest freezer stays very cold even if power is lost. You can go several days without power and as long as you leave the lid closed, your food won’t defrost. Some chests are very deep and you could find yourself having difficulty reaching for your food. Also, if you tend to really load up the freezer, you might have a hard time finding the hamburgers at the bottom of the box. Prices range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. If you happen to have a scratch and dent store, you can often find a slightly tarnished, but still new, freezer for a great price. Maybe this is the weekend you’ll go shopping and buy a freezer.

What is the normal life expectancy of a chest type home freezer stored inside a home?

The chest freezers that are kept in a controlled environment can last much longer than one that is stored outside on a porch. The components that make up the freezer can more easily break down with the changes in weather.

How much meat can the Avanti Avanti 2.9 cu ft. Upright Freezer hold?

The Avanti 2.9 cu ft. Upright Freezer has 2.9 cubic feet of storage space.

How much food does a otter need?

it needs nothing as much as it can hold