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Subtract the smaller distance from the larger one.

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Subtraction. Subtract the current value from the total.

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Q: How much further means to add or subtract?
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When it says how much add or subtract?

it means to subtract

What does how much mean add or subtract?

"How much ... all together ?" usually means add. "How much ... left ?" usually means subtract.

When it says how much it means too add or subtract?

you have to subtract because when you say hw many than you have to add when you say how much you have to subtract.

What does How much more means add or subtract?

How much more means to subtract. For example, "How much more is 9 than 3?". The answer would be 9-3 which is 6.

Does how many more mean add or subtract?

it means to subtract

How much will you have left add or subtract?


What is different between much and more?

Well if your doing math much like how much means add and if it says how much more it means subtract:)

Does how many mean add or subtract?

does how many mean add or subtract

Does deposit mean to add or subtract?

deposit = add withdraw = subtract

How much was added does it mean addition or subtraction?

"Add" or "added" means addition. Of course, you may have to subtract to actually solve the problem. If the question is: "How much is added to 5 to get 7", that means 5 + "how much" = 7; but to actually calculate the "how much", you subtract 7 - 5.

Does total mean add or subtract?

Total means to Add.

When saying how much does it mean add or subtract?

Okay. You would subtract because if a problem asks you Jill walk 0.5 to school and 0.3 back to home "HOW MUCH" does she need to walk to get home which will equal to 0.2 so see

Can you add and subtract in Japanese?

The answer is yes, and absent further information, I don't know how else to answer this question.

Does how many were mean to add or subtract?

It depends on how the rest of the question is worded. If it says "how many were left," for example, that means to subtract. On the other hand, if it says something like "how many were added," it means to add.

What does term mean in maths?

it means to add and subtract aldrabra questions

When saying than does it mean add or subtract?

more the yours means to take away

How are sum and difference related?

The term SUM means add and DIFFERRENCE means subtract. They are opposites.

Does decrease mean to add or subtract?


Does increase mean add or subtract?

Increase means to add (assuming the number you "increase" is positive of course).

Why do fractions need to have common denominator before you add or subtract them simple answer pleas?

So that you only have to add/subtract the numerator which makes it much easier.

What happens when you add and subtract energy?

How do you add or subtract energy?

When saying how much more does it mean add or subtract?

When it says how much more you would subtract the little number from the big number. Hope Im Helpful

What does how much means to add or subtract?


What dose how much mean add od subtract?


Does increas mean add or subtract?

increase means to add or greater than