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Depends on the model, speed, year, engine, miles, and where youre coming from, we need more info but my 07 with 240,000 mi took about $90 both ways

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Q: How much gas would a ford crown Victoria need to get to NYC and how much would it cost if gas cost 3.69 per gallon?
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How much money does it takes to fill up a 98 crown victoria?

A 1998 Ford Crown Victoria has a ( 19.0 U.S. gallon gas tank ) So , if the tank was empty and you pay $ 4.00 per gallon it would cost approximately $ 76.00

How much money does it cost to fill up a 2000 ford crown Victoria?

With today's national average of $2.629 a gallon and the Crown Victoria having a 20 gallon tank, it would cost $52.58 to fill up from bone dry. But normally people don't empty there tanks. I fill up at about a 1/4 tank and pay a little less than $40 to fill up.

How much does a new Crown Victoria cost in Utah?

In Utah, a 2010 Crown Victoria will run you approximately 29k. Although with a few more features a 2010 Crown Victoria could run you closer to 31k.

How much to replace tie rods on 1997 crown Victoria?

The total cost, including parts and labor, to replace the tie rods on a 1997 Ford Crown Victoria ranges from $215 to $335. The cost can vary depending on where you go.

How much would the queens crown cost?

The queens crown cost .... A WOPING 4.8 Billion

How much will it cost to replace a heater core on a 96 ford crown Victoria?

between 600.00 and 900.00

How much does a 1989 Crown Victoria Ford LTD cost?

anywhere from $300.00 - $3,500.00 depending on condition

How much will it cost to replace a drive shaft for ford crown Victoria?

about 20 dollars at the junk yard

How much does it cost to fix ball joints on a 1994 ford crown Victoria?

it depends on who you buy them from and if thier used or not

How much do a lift cost to put 24 on a crown Victoria?

Hustle harder so you dont have to ask how much

How much money would it cost to drive 5000 miles if my car gets 30 miles to the gallon?

It depends on the price of gas. If gas costs $5/gallon, it would cost about $835.00 to go 5000 miles when your car get 30 miles to the gallon. If gas costs $3/gallon, it would cost about $500. cost = 5000/30 * cost-of-gas

What is the average cost of a Crown amplifier?

The average cost of a Crown amplifier would depend on the model. However, they would appear to mostly cost about 300 dollars but they can go as high as 700.