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3000 sq ft * 4 inches = 1000 cubic feet.

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Q: How much gravel is needed to cover 3000 square feet in 4 inch deep?
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How much gravel is needed to cover 3000 square feet?

9.26 cubic yards for every inch of depth.

What are the ratings and certificates for Gravel 3000 - 2007?

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How many bags of 1.5 cubic feet of gravel would it take to cover about 3000 square feet of area?

The volume that needs to be filled is 132ft * 1.5in = 132ft*(1.5/12)ft=132ft*0.125ft=16.5 cubic feet of gravel needed. ---- 1 cubic foot is 1,728 cubic inches (12 in x 12 in x 12 in) The area described above is 28,512 cubic inches divided by 1,728 cubic inches or 16.5 cubic feet

What actors and actresses appeared in Gravel 3000 - 2007?

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How much does 1 cubic yard of gravel weigh?

This depends on the size of gravel, the water content of the gravel, and the material composition of the rock used to make the gravel. Typically 1 cu.yd. of gravel wieghs 3000 lb.

How many square feet in 3000 square meters?

3000 (square meters) = 32,291.7313 square feet.

How much 2ft by 2ft tile does it take to cover the floor of an area 3000 square feet?

750, if you need no extra!

What is the 25 percent of 3000 square feet?

25% of 3,000 square feet= 25% * 3000= 0.25 * 3000= 750 square feet

How many square feet are in 3000?

It depends on 3000 what. Square inches, square miles, square metres, etc

How many square miles in 3000 acres?

3000 acres = 4.6875 square miles.

How many feet is 3000 squres meters?

3000 square meters = 32,291.7 square feet.

3000 square feet into square meters?

3000 sq ft = 278.71 sq metres