How much greater is 10 million than 100 thousand?

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100 times as large.

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Q: How much greater is 10 million than 100 thousand?
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Is a million greater than a billion?

No, a Billion is one thousand millions.

How much greater is 8inch the billions period than 8 inch the thousand period?

Your question is sort of confusing, but I think what you are asking is how much greater is 8 billion inches than 8 thousand inches. The answer is: 7 billion, 999 million, 992 thousand inches.

Is one million greater than five hundred thousand?

Yes. One million is twice as large as five hundred thousand.

Why is one million larger than one hundred thousand?

One million is larger than one hundred thousand because one million has more zero's in it than one hundred thousand. The more zero's you have, the greater the number is.

Is six thousand the same as 6 billion?

no. 6 billion is 1 million times greater than 6 thousand.

Is gigawatt greater than kilowatt?

Yes. Giga means billion (thousand million), while kilo means thousand.

How does a million compare to a thousand to?

A million is much bigger.

Is ten thousand dollars the same amount as one million dollars?

$10,000 is not equal to $1,000,000 dollars. One million is 100 times greater than ten thousand.

How much bigger is the US than Iceland?

In terms of population, about 1000 times greater. The pop. of the US is about 300 million. The pop. of Iceland is about 300 thousand.

How much is the 7 in 76.03 greater than the 7 in 58.47?

It's a thousand times greater.

How many times greater is 20 million than 2000?

ten thousand 20,000,000 / 2,000 = 20,000 / 2 = 10,000

How much greater is 1 kilogram than 1 gram?

A thousand times. That's what the "kilo" prefix means, a thousand.

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