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the answer is 1.65.

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โˆ™ 2021-01-14 15:47:37
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Q: How much greater is 5 than 3.31?
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How much greater is 500 than 5?

How much greater is 500 than 5?

How much is 4 greater than 5?

It is not greater than 5, but if you have to quantify that, it is -1 greater than five.

How much greater is 16 than 5?

16 is 11 greater than 5

How much greater is 5 than 1.55?

3.45 greater of course !

How much greater is 102 than 97?

102 is 5 greater than 97.

Which is greater 0.33 or 05?

05 is the same as 5 which is greater than 0.33

Is 43 mg greater than or less than 5g?

Much smaller.

How much less than -8 is -3?


How much must you add to -12 to get a number greater than 5?

Any number greater than 17.

Is 5 greater than 5.7?

No, 5.7 is greater than 5.

Is -5 greater or less than -10?


Is .45 greater than .5?

No because .5 is greater than .45

Is 5 greater than 2?

Yes, 5 is greater than 2.

Is .1 greater than .5?

No because .5 is greater than .1

Number that is less then 5 but greater then 10?

No solution.If it's less than 5, it can't be as much as 10, so it certainly can't be greater than 10.If it's greater than 10, it can't be as little as 5, so it certainly can't be less than 5.

Is 0.5 greater than 5 over 12?

.5 is greater than 5/12

Is 5 greater than or less than 1?

greater than

Which is greater -2 or 5?

5 is greater than -2.

Who is greater 5 or 0.5?

5 is greater than 0.5

Is 600km equal to less than or greater than 5 meters?

Very much bigger.

How much greater is 5 in the tens thousands place than the 5 in the tens place?

1000 times greater. 50000/50 = 1000

By how much is 3a-1 greater than 2a-5?

The problem 3a-1 and 2a-5 is greater by 7. This is a math problem.

Which is greater 55000 or 5 kg?

55,000 kg are obviously much greater than 5 kg since 55,000 is much greater than 5.

5 pound equals oz?

No, a lb is much greater than an oz.

Is 43 milligrams greater or less than 5 grams?

1 gram = 1000 milligrams so 5 grams is much greater,

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