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You lose the same amount over any given exposed area of your body. Your head may lose up to ten percent more due to a higher concentration of blood vessels close to the surface and a lower concentration of body fat. These conditions have been found to vary under the conditions of exercise but once perspiration occurs

The common misconception is that one loses around thirty percent of body heat through ones head. The reasons behind this are two-fold.

Firstly, people seldom wear hats or head-coverings until cold conditions becomes fairly acute. However, we seldom run around without clothes in all but both the hottest weather and liberal surroundings. At most points a person will have the majority of their surface area covered with clothes. If it were bitterly cold you would be unlikely to roll up one sleeve, but this would lose a similar amount of heat.

Secondly, your head contains your brain. Your body protects your brain in the same way as any major organ. It withdraws blood from non-essential extremities to concentrate on the core of the body and, of course, your brain.

You feel the cold in these areas last but more often than not the body will have to work harder to protect the head due to clothing on the torso and limbs as well as socks, shoes and underwear.

It is possible that you lose about thirty percent when moderately clothed through your uncovered head, but then it is also possible that your head loses less than any other area when naked due to the insulative properties of your hair.



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Q: How much heat do you lose through your head during cold weather?
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