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For one gram of ice, it takes 11.9 calories to change the temperature to 0°, 80 calories to melt the ice, 100 calories to raise the water temperature to 100°, 540 calories to change the water to steam, and 23 calories to raise the steam temperature to 123°. That's a total of (11.9 + 80 + 100 + 540 + 23) calories or 754.9 calories. So to do the same to 55.6 grams of ice requires 55.6 times as much heat. 754.9 calories times 55.6 equals approximately 41972 calories (about 42 kilocalories).

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Q: How much heat energy is required to change a block of ice with a mass of 55.6 grams at -11.9 degrees Celsius to steam at 123 degree Celsius?
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