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to lift 1 kg or 2 pounds you need 0.16 kg of helium so for 2000 pounds you need 160 kg of helium or 320 pounds at 1 atmosphere

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Q: How much helium would it take to lift 2000lbs?
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How much can a helium balloon lift?

depends how big the helium balloon is and how many

How much helium is needed to lift 1 lb?

Approximately 15 cubic feet of Helium.

How much helium would it take to lift the weight of the average person?

depends what theaverage is (sorry i couldn't answer properly )

How much helium does it take to lift 176 pounds?

1791.044776119403 cubic feet176 / 0.067 = 1791.044776119403

How much does a 1997 grand am weigh?

2000lbs check your answer

How much can a 2004 jeep rubicon pull?


How much more lift does heliuim have than hot air?

"Lift" is pretty much defined as the difference in weight of equal volumes of the lifting gas (helium or hot air) and the ambient air. As a comparison, a typical density of air is about 0.00018 g/cm3. At the same temperature and pressure, air would be about 0.00128 g/cm3. The difference is 0.00128 - 0.00018 = 0.0011 g/cm3. So 1 cm3 of helium can lift about 0.0011 g. Scaling that up, 1 m3 of helium could lift about 1.1 kg. To achieve equal buoyancy, the air would have to be heated to about 1850 °C. Normal operating temperatures for hot air balloons are closer to 120 °C. At this temperature, the air density is about 0.00090 g/cm3, so the lift would be about 0.00128-0.0090 = 0.00038 g/cm3 so by comparison, helium would be 0.0011/0.00038 = 2.9 times the lift of hot air.

How much helium is needed to lift an average human body?

Depends on the weight. Check the MythBusters website, they did an experiment on this.

Why would a tissue paper balloon filled with helium go nowhere?

helium molecules are much smaller than the molecules of wood pulp that make up the structure of paper. Thus helium gas will quickly dissipate through the paper itself, and into the environment without producing the necessary "lift".

How much 2000lbs equal to in kgs?

2,000lbs = 907 (907.1847) kg

How much does a gmc jimmy weight in tons?

It's 2000lbs. that equals a ton.

How much helium would it take to lift the space shuttle into space?

It won't - at some time the balloon would burst or become the same density as the atmosphere, so stop rising. The above answer is correct. At about 110,000 feet or ~ 21+ miles (when the shuttle was well into the stratosphere) the balloon will burst. However to get the space shuttle into the stratosphere it would take 2,029,203,000 liters of helium and would cost approximately $ 146,102,616. Assumptions: Space shuttle weighs: 2,029,203 KG 1 Liter of helium can lift ~ 1 gram. Helium costs approximately 7.2 cents per gram. According to the NASA website it costs $450,000,000 to launch a shuttle. Maybe they should look into using helium to get them the first 20 miles.