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  1. you grow a nanometer each day
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Q: How much inches do you grow in one day?
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Which tropical plant can grow as much as thirty-six inches one day?


How much will the 24 inch plant have to grow before it is one yard long?

It will have to grow 12 more inches because there are 36 inches in one yard.

How much does a baby grow from one day to the other?

depends on the baby...

Jana has ahouse plant that grew38 inches one week and 34 inches the next week how much did it grow in two weeks?

38+34= 72 inches.

How many inches of bamboo can grow in one day?

Some bamboo is known to grow at speeds of 90cm per day and some people have claimed to be able to see it growing. Check for what type of bamboo you have growing on the internet. Im sorry I would send you a link but I dont know any.

Can hair grow 2 inch in one month?

it can grow 5 inches

What type of plant grows faster?

The fastest growing plant is bamboo. There are 1000 different kinds of bamboo and they can grow 35 inches in one day.

How meters does one bamboo have?

The average size of a bamboo plant is 6 to 8 meters. The plant can grow anywhere from 12 to 19 inches a day.

How high do the emergents grow above the canopy?

about one inches

How much inch one feet?

How much inches are in one foot? The answer is 12 inches.

What day do tamagotchis grow?

they grow one age older if you keep it on all day

How much can a fungi hyphae grow in length in one day?

It depends on the species of mold, temperature, and humidity.