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The formula to calculate the present amount including compound interest is A = P(1 + r/n)nt , where P is the principal amount, r is the annual rate expressed as a decimal , t is the number of years, and n is number of times per year that interest is compounded.

Then A = 2100(1 + 0.045/12)(12 x 3) = 2100 x 1.0037536 = 2402.92

The amount of interest earned = 2402.92 - 2100 = 302.92

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Q: How much interest is earned by investing 2100 for three years at 4.5 percent compounded monthly?
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What is the interest rate of 13.75 percent compounded monthly is equivalent to a daily compounded interest rate?


What is the monthly interest rate of and annual 10 percent rate?

It is 0.833... recurring % if the interest is simple, or compounded annually. If compounded monthly, it is approx 0.797 %

What is the effective annual rate of 8 percent interest that is compounded monthly?

0.67 percent

How much money should be deposited at 4.5 percent interest compounded monthly for 3 years?

"How much money should be deposited at 4.5 percent interest compounded monthly for 3 years?"Incomplete question.... to do what?

150 if invested for three years at a 9 percent interest rate?

$194.25 if interest is compounded annually. A little more if compounded quarterly, monthly, or daily.

Future value of 2000 in 5 years at interest rate of 5 percent?

Compounded annually: 2552.56 Compounded monthly: 2566.72

How much will 25000 be worth in 18 years if it is invested at 6 percent compounded monthly?

$73053.88 when compounded month your yearly rate would be 0.061678% * * * * * True, but in real life the quoted interest rate, "6 percent compounded monthly", should read "an interest rate, such that, if it were compounded monthly, would give an annual equivalent rate of 6 percent". The equivalent of 6% annual is 0.487% monthly since 1.0048712 = 1.06

What is the monthly interest rate of 18 percent annually?

With simple interest, it is 1.5% per month. If compounded, it is 1.389% approx.

What is your monthly interest rate at 9.75 percent on 365.00?

Assuming that the interest rate is 9.75% per year, the answer will depend on how often the interest is compounded.

What is the APR on a monthly interest of 10.24 percent?

If it is 10.24% (per month), then the APR is 222%, but if it's 10.24% compounded monthly, then APR is 10.7345%

How much would 400 invested at 9 percent interest compounded monthly be worth after 4 years?


What is the future value of 1200 after 5 years if the appropriate interest rate is 6 percent compounded monthly?


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