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There is not enough information in the question ! It depends entirely on what the interest rate is - and the length of time the interest is applied !

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Q: How much interest is gained on two hundred thousand dollars?
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If I have 5000 and I received six thousand dollars but I lose 500 I gained six hundred dollars how much money will I have?

If you have $5000 and receive $6000, then lose $500, you will have $10500.

What is different about compound interest from normal interest?

Normal interest is not calculated over a period of time. It is just the formula to calculate the interests gained. Compound interest is calculated over more time periods such as years.

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Yes, at the end of the year you take the difference between the interest revenue gained and what would have been gained if the investment had the present value interest. For a discount, the difference will be credited against the discount received.

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What is the simple interest on 3 500 at 9 ยฝ percent for 1 ยฝ years?

You have failed to tell us to what period of time the 9½% interest is applied - is it Yearly, Monthly, Daily (if only - I can but dream). I will guess that it is 9½% APR simple interest. With Simple Interest, the interest is gained only on the capital and not any interest reinvested. → 1 year's interest is 9½% of 3500 = 9.5/100 × 3500 = 332.50 → 1½ years interest = 1½ × 1 year's interest = 1.5 × 332.50 = 498.75

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What is the interest on a 10000 for 2 year at 11 percent note?

Total = 10000(1+i)n Total = 10000(1.2321)2 Total = 12321 Change = interest gained = 12321 - 10000 = 2321

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