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Adding 15 percent to a number is the same as multiplying the number by 1.15. In this instance, 5 x 1.15 = 5.75. Therefore, 5 inches + 15 percent is equal to 5.75, or 5 and three quarter inches.

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How much is five yard in inches?

180 inches- 36 inches in a yard times five yards

How much feet is 66 inches?

Five feet six inches !

How much is five foot eight in inches?

It is 68 inches.

How much is five centimeters in inches?

5cm is 1.97 inches.

How much is five tenths of one percent?

50 percent

How much is 5 inches in millimeters?

Five inches is 127 millimeters.

How much is five millimeters in inches?

5 mm = about 0.1969 inches.

How much percent increase is 16 inches to 30 inches?

87.5% increase.

How much is five foot six in inches?

5'6" = 66" 66 inches

How yards and inches much are in 17 feet?

Five yards and 24 inches.

How much 1s 155cm in feet and inches?

Five feet, 1.02 inches

How much is 1.3 percent added to 3.60?


How much annual snowfall in Arkansas?

About five inches.

How much interest is 0.05 percent?

Five hundredths of one percent !

How much water is added to 32 percent UAN to make 28 percent UAN?


How much is five foot five in inches?

There are 12 inches in one foot. Multiply 5 times twelve and you get 60. Add 5 to 60 and you get 65. 65 inches is the answer.

How much taller is five feet than fifty inches?

5ft = 60 inches, so 10 inches taller

How much is 66 inches in feet?

Sixty six inches is five and a half feet. One foot is twelve inches.

How much is 5 feet to inches?

There are twelve inches to a foot, ergo, five feet would equal 60 inches.

How much does 5 in a half equal in inches?

5 in a half? five and a half five and a half what?

How much is seven percent of thirty five dollars?


How much is five percent of fifty thousand dollars?


How much is ninety five percent of one million?

not alot

How much is five percent of 1236?

1236 is 100 percent. 12.36 is 1 percent. This times 5 must be 5 percent. That is 61.8

Can percent error be more than 5 percent?

Yes. In some cases it can be much more than five percent.