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18" also know as 18 inches

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Q: How much is 18'' long?
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How big was the Triceratops?

it was about 18 ft long and weighed as much as two elephants

Is 8 inches to long for a 18 yr old boy?

No, it is very short. An 18 year old male should be much taller.

How long is the goalie area?

it is 18 feet long. That is why it is called the 18.

How much does a wild cat weight?

it weight about 12 or 18 pound

How much concrete will a 18 diameter cylinder by 6' long require?

13.5 cu ft

How long is 18 cm?

18 cm

How long is 18 meters?

18 meters

Papuan is 4750 millimeters long and gecko is 18 millimeters much long is papuan than gecko?

4750ml - 18ml = 4732ml.......

Is a 22 x 18 bass drum long?

a 22 x 18 bass drum is 18" long and has a diameter of 22" so its taller then it is long!

How long will it take to have a positive drugs test if you have been taking it for 18 years?

This question makes as much sense as I would expect from an 18 year drug user.

Is John Wayne's neck 18 inches long?

maybe 18 inches round....18 inches long he would be a girrafe

How long will it take to lose 18 pounds?

I need to lose 18 pounds, how long will it take

How long can a king cobra grow?

18 feet

How long is Long Beach island?

18 miles

What is something that is 18 feet long?

long a car.

How much water in a 18 ft wide and 30 ft long and 52 feet in deepth?

18 ft x 30 ft x 52 ft = 28080

What is an object that is 18 feet long?

a chevy sunrader Rv is 18 feet long. The giant blue marlin from the book, The Old Man and the Sea, was 18 feet long.

How much would it cost to build a retaining wall 125 feet long and 18 inches high?

I think: 2250

How much is 18 tens?

18 tens = 180

How much in pounds is 18 dollars?

$18 is £14.83

How many gallons of water are in a 18 inch long x 8 inch tall x 18 inch wide?

1 gallon = 231 cubic inchesA rectangular tank 18" long, 18" wide, and 8" deep has a capacity of(18 x 18 x 8) = 2,592 cubic inches = (2,592 / 231) = 11.221 gallons (rounded)We have no way of knowing how much water is in the tank.

How long is 18 meters in millimeters?

18 m = 18000 mm

How do you find out if you can buy a gun?

For a long gun you have to be 18. For a handgun you have to be 18.

How long is 18 cm in feet?

18 cm = 0.59 feet.

How tall is the average 18 month old boy?

I have an 18 month old girl and she is 33inches long. I have an 18 month old girl and she is 33inches long.