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It depends on where the land is and its possible uses such as agriculture.

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Q: How much is 1 acre of land worth in North Carolina?
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How much does an acre of land cost you n North Carolina?

DePends on the location

What is Price of acre of land in South Carolina?

There is no way of knowing what the price for an acre of land is in South Carolina, since a lot depends on location and whether or not the land is suitable for farming. The average price per acre, for average land in South Carolina is around $3,000.

What is my land worth per acre in North Carolina?

Seek the advice of a real estate agent who is familiar with raw land sales. You may also consider getting an appraisal to make sure you receive a fair price for your land.

What is average cost of a quarter acre of land in calabash South Carolina?

There is no town in South Carolina named Calabash, however the North Carolina town of Calabash is located on the South Carolina border. A quarter acre of land in Calabash, NC will cost around $597 but may cost more or less depending on if the seller is willing to parcel the land out in quarter acres.

What was the cost of land per acre in North Carolina in 1895-1900?

some sold as little as one dollar & twenty five cents an acre. i have old deeds with descriptions that state this.

What is a mineral acre?

a mineral acre is the same size as a land acre but worth more if theres minerals under the acre

What was The Area Of Land Claimed by North Carolina in 1750?

what was the area of land in north carolina in 1750

What are some land features of North Carolina?

mt.mitchell is an unusual land feature in North Carolina

What are some physical land features of North Carolina?

mt.mitchell is an unusual land feature in North Carolina

What is the average price of an acre of land in North Carolina?

It depends on what state you're in, so you might want to ask someone local to the property.

How much does Tyler Perry worth?

a mule and an acre of land

What is the land of North Carolina?

The answer is get a LIFE, you no-good lame. Who needs to know the North Carolina land area anyway.

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