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As at 12:00 UTC on 6 July 2014, the mid market rate put INR 1 = USD 0.01673

At that rate, INR 1 crore would be worth USD 167,252.05 However, it is quite likely that the rate for large sums is different to the "normal" market rate.

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Q: How much is 1 crore Indian rupee in usd?
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USD 3.5 million means how much Indian rupees?

189875000.00 Indian Rupee

How much is 2.75 crore in usd?

It depends on 2.75 crore what. Yen, Rials, Indian or Pakistani Rupees, etc.

How much is 2.70 Indian crore in USD?

2.7 IR x 0.0233263 USD/1 IR = 0.063 USD

How much is one crore in USD?

It depends on one crore what. Indian rupees, Pakistani rupees, or some other currency.

How much is 1.7 millions USD in Indian rupee?

At the time of answering, 1,700,000 USD = 109,601,000 INR

How much Indian rupee is US 1?

Today: 1.00 USD=44.2400 INR

How much is 40 crore in US dollars?

A Crore is not an amount of money, it is part of the Indian counting system. 1 Crore refers to 10,000,000. 40 Crore = 400,000,000 Indian Rupees (INR) As of November 5, 2012, 400,000,000 INR is about $7,329,363.84 USD

How many USD is INR 450 crore?

A crore rupee is equal to ten million rupees. In 2014, 450 crore is equal to more than seventy million US dollars - $73,310,653.06 .

How much is 151936 rupee in us dollars?

Depends on the currency exchange rate, but if you mean indian rupee (INR) it's around 3000 USD.

One billion USD in Indian National Rupee?

1.09915 billion U.S. dollars = 50,00,00,00,000 Indian rupees (5000 Crore Rupees) URL: Rs.5000 croes Indian Rupees = 1 billion usd

How many rupees of 419 USD?

419 usd amount convert in indian rupee

How much is 130 crore in USD?

It is 130 crore USD. If you meant 130 crore of some other currency then you should have mentioned which currency!