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1 kilometer = 1,000 meters

(1 kilometer x 1 kilometer) = 1 kilometer2 = (1,000 meters x 1,000 meters) = 1,000,000 meter2

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Q: How much is 1 sq kilometer is how many sq meters?
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How many meters squared are in a kilometer squared?

1 sq kilometer = 1000000 sq meters

How many meters are in a square kilometer?

I believe is 1,000,000 meters in 1 Sq. Kilometer Victor319

1300 square meters equal to how much kilometer?

1300 square meters is 0.0013 sq km

How many square kilometres to 110 hectars?

an are is 100 sq. meters a hectare is 10,000 sq. meters or 0.01 sq. km a square kilometer is 100 hectares 110 hectares is 1.1 sq. km

4375000 sq meters equals how many kilometers?

1 square kilometer = 1 000 000 square meters 4375000 sq meters = 4 375 000/1 000 000 sq km = 4.375 sq km

How many acres are in a kilometer?

247.10 acres in a sq kilometer

How many square meters equal 1 square kilometer?

1.000.000 sq meters (1 kilo meter=1000meters) kilo being 1000

1000 sq ft equal how many sq meters?

how many sq meters is 1000 sq ft

How many sq ft in 6000 sq meters?

557.41824 sq meters

How many sq meters in 5000 sq ft?

464.52 sq meters.

480 sq ft is how many sq meters?

44.59 sq meters.

How many sq meters in 157 sq ft?

14.58 sq meters.

How many sq meters in 50 sq ft?

4.65 sq meters.

How much is 2500 sq ft in square meters?

About 232.26 sq meters.

How much is 800 sq ft in sq meters?

74.3224 square meters

How many meters in 4791.6 sq feet?

445.15 sq meters.

How many sq meters in 266 sq ft?

266 sq ft converts to 24.7122 sq meters (@0.092903 sq meters per sq foot).

How much does 3000 sq feet is how many meters?

Answer: 3,000 ft² = 278.709 square meters.

How many meters is 850 sq feet?

850 sq feet = 78.967584 sq meters

How many sq feet in 1.701 sq meters?

1.701 sq meters = 18.309 sq feet (rounded)

How many sq meters is 260000 sq ft?

260,000 sq ft converts to 24,154.8 sq meters.

How many acres is a square kilometer?

1 (sq kilometer) = 247.105381 acres

125 meters long by 75 meters wide is how many sq meters?

9,375 sq. meters

How many sq ft in a kilometer?

1 sq. km.=10763910 sq fts(approx)

45 sq meters equals how many sq ft?

45 sq meters equals 484.376 sq feet.** sq meters x 10.7639 = sq feet