How much is 250 gr?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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A quarter of a kilogram.

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Q: How much is 250 gr?
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How much is 250 gr of Russian cottage cheese in cups?

that is approximately 1.124 cups

How much is tasse in English measurement?

Une tasse = a cupful, approximately 200 - 250 gr.

How many mg is 0.25 gr?

.25 gr = .25 x 1000 = 250 mg

How do you convert 250 gr butter to tablespoons?

For a rough measurement divide grams by 15 - 250 is 16.666 tablespoons.

How many cup equals to 250 gr of sugar'?

That is approximately 1.02 cups

How many cup in 400 gr sugar?

A metric cup is 250 grams.

What is the maximum case capacity for the 600 and 700 Nitro Express?

600 NE- 900 gr bullet, 145 gr Winchester 760 powder (slightly compressed) 700 NE- MAX 250 gr VVN powder + 2 gr Bullseye as a base charge.

What is the postal charges for posting 250 grams letter in Europe?

That will vary according to the country of posting and the country of destination. In Britain an inland letter weighing 250 gr costs 70 pence or if 251-500 gr - 98 pence. However, if it is larger than 353 mm long x 250mm wide x 25mm thick it counts as a small packet and the cost is £1.38 up to and including 250 gr or £1.84 if it weighs 251-500 gr. From Britain to Continental Europe is £2.74 for 240-259 gr. Date: 05 Oct 2007

50 gr equal how much yardage?

gr is weight and yards are distance

1 cup rice flour is how much grams?

120 gr

Does anyone have the Reloading Data for 22 250 35 gr V-Max Bullets?

Contact the maker of the projectile.

What is a good load for a22-250 using H4895?

I use 35. gr to start and have worked up to 35.5 gr but all guns are different and you should start lower and safly work up, h4895 and IMR4064 are the two best powders in my 250 so good luck and be safe