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250 pounds + 5% + 5 pounds = 250 pounds * 1.05 + 5 pounds = 262.5 pounds + 5 pounds = 267.5 pounds

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How much is 2 percent of a pound?

A pound is 100p Therefore 2% of a pound is 2p

How much extra landing room is needed for every pound of weight on an airplane?

for every extra pound on a plane one extra foot of landing room is needed.

How much does a small hamster cost?

around 5pound to 15 maybe ten

How much fat does it take to gain a pound?

3500 extra calories. (unburned)

How much is 20 percent off 74 pound?

20% of 74 pound is 14.8. So the discounted price becomes 59.2 pounds.

How much protein is in 1 pound of beef?

97 grams of protein for 95 % extra leanserloin beef.

How much does Korean air lines charge for extra luggage?

For every excess pound, how much does Korean Air charge for international flight?

How much is 0.45 percent of 6 million pound?

0.45% of 6 million pounds is 27,000 pounds.

How much extra money on your electric bills are due to Christmas lights?

Around 7 to 11 percent extra to your bill average about 70 dollars to 110 dollars Around 7 to 11 percent extra to your bill average about 70 dollars to 110 dollars

By walking two hours daily about how much weight will be lost?

about one pound in 8 days. this is provided that you do not eat extra for extra energy for the walking. Based on 200 calories per one hour of walking and 3000 calories less needed to lose a pound.

If you consume 500kcal more every day how much will you weight in a month?

500 extra calories would be an extra pound of weight every 7 days (3,500 calories is equal to one solid pound of weight). That is about 4 to 4.5 pounds every month.

How much does a pound of bricks weigh?

a pound...as much as a pound of feathers. A pound is a pound, after all.

How much is 15 percent off 85 pound?

85 times 15/100 = 12.75 pounds off

How much carbon dioxide is emitted by burning one pound of coal?

Burning one pound of carbon releases about 3.6 pounds of carbon dioxide (the extra weight comes from oxygen from the air).

How much is 15 percent off 70 pound?

15 percent off 70 pound = £59.515% off of £70= 15% discount applied to £70= £70 - (15% * £70)= £70 - (0.15 * £70)= £70 - £10.5= £59.5

How much is 25 percent of 2260 pound?

25% of 2260 pounds= 25% * 2260= 0.25 * 2260= 565 pounds

How much gas mileage can an extra 100 lbs reduse?

Up to 2 percent. http://www.fueleconomy.gov/feg/driveHabits.shtml

How much does a pound of four weigh?

If the question is meant to be "How much does a pound of flour weight?" The answer is a pound.

Does 6 percent of a pound weigh more than a ounce?

"Pound" and "ounce" are just names for certain kinds of physical quantities. They have no weight at all. But a pound OF SOMETHING is the same as 16 ounces OF THE SAME THING. So each ounce OF IT weighs 6.25% as much as a pound OF IT weighs.

How much water would be found in a 200 pound person?

because there is approx 70 percent water in a single body, about 140lbs

how much for extra min?

How much for extra min

Why is there a 45 pound weight in a gym?

Instead of adding a 25 pound weight, and then 2 ten pound weights, it would be much easier to add a 45 pound weight. A 45 pound weight is standard in every gym, and not everyone can lift 10 more pounds if there was a fifty pound weight (five extra pounds on each side totals to 10 more pounds to lift).

How much worth is a pound of plutonium?

How much worth is a pound of uranium

How much water in a pound?

1 US pint in a pound of water

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