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120 minutes, I think.

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Q: How much is 2 longitude in minutes?
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How many seconds are there in every two minutes of longitude?

There are 60 seconds in every minute of longitude so there are 120 seconds in every 2 minutes of longitude.

How much time minutes taken by the sun to cross the longitude?

It is instantaneous. A longitude is an idealised line and so infinitesimally thin. To go from one longitude to the next takes approx 15 minutes.

Space between 2 degrees of longitude is divided into what?

it is deided by 467 then by 7 and timsed by 2

What is the latitude and longitude of the Maldives?

2 degrees 20 minutes north, 73 degrees 08 minutes east

What is the Longitude and Latitiude of Washington D.C. in Degrees Minutes and Seconds?

what is the longitude and latitude of Washington DC in degrees, minutes, and seconds

How many minutes is 16.7 miles?

You need to specify the latitude and longitude of the end points and whether you want minutes of latitude or of longitude.

Which city is located at 40 degrees 25 minutes north latitude and 5 degrees 39 minutes west longitude?

The closest major city is Madrid, located at 40 degrees 25 minutes north latitude and 3 degrees 39 minutes west longitude, a 2 degrees east difference.

What is the latitude and longitude of Regina Saskatchewan?

Latitude 50 degrees 27 minutes north, longitude 104 degrees 36 minutes west.

What is the latitude and longitude of South Wales?

latitude - 51 degrees 41 minutes north longitude - 3 degrees 23 minutes west

What are smaller divisions of longitude?

minutes and seconds

What is the longitude of Salt Lake City Utah?

Latitude is 40 degrees 47 minutes north. Longitude is 111 degrees 57 minutes west

Latitude and longitude of McMurdo?

McMurdo Station: Latitude: 77 degrees, 50 minutes South Longitude: 166 degrees, 40 minutes West